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    A -- L
    ALLEN, Geroge A. Came to Bay City in 1866, worked at Sage McGraw mill, then went into real estate. Helped organize GAR post in West Bay City.
    AMES, George W. (1852-??)
    Came to Bay City in 1872, working for Detroit & Bay City R.R. before entering insurance business. Purchased Pine Ridge Cemetery from Birney family in 1902.
    APLIN, Henry H. (1841-1910)
    Born in Genesee Co., he settled in the village of Wenona after the Civil War, where he was postmaster before entering politics.
    ARMSTRONG, Rolf (1889-1960)
    Born in Bay City, Rolf went on to become a famous pin-up artist during 1940s. His work appeared on calendars, magazines and various advertisements.
    ARNOLD, Frederick (1834-1924)
    He immigrated from Germany to Bay City in 1854, and in 1856 he established the first bakery business.
    BABCOCK, Edward V. (1840-1895) Buffalo, NY native, moved to Bay City in 1866, owner of a decorating and wallpaper business. Married Sarah Cornwell.
    BARKLEY, Jonathan S. (1807-1887) - Born in Northcumberland, PA. Merchant, moved to Bay City in 1849. State representative 1855-56.
    BARRETT, Wm. Capt. - Ft. Stanley, Can. native, moved to Bay City 1884, Great Lakes sailor. Married Mary E. Samier.

    BENSON, W.F. - Started W.F. Benson & Son fish company in 1863, the was oldest in Bay County when he sold it to the Dormer Co., of Buffalo.

    BIRNEY, James III (1817-88)
    (Son of James G. II) Lawyer & politician. Moved to Bay City in 1850s. State senator. U.S. Ambassadore.
    BIRNEY, James G. II(1792-1857)
    Community leader, twice presidential candidate, national leader in abolitionist movement.
    BIRNEY, James (1817-88)
    Son of James G. Birney. Judge, politician, U.S. Ambassador, founder of Pine Ridge Cemetery.

    CAMPBELL, Sydney S. Judge (1804-87)
    Owner of Globe Hotel, first supervisor of Hampton twsp. of Saginaw Co., first Bay Co. probate judge.
    FRASER, James (1803-66)
    Among first investors, community leader, erected Fraser Hotel - Bay City's first grand hotel.

    JENNISON, Charles E. (1829-)
    Came to Bay City in 1850, established a merchant business in partnership with James Fraser. Later establish his own hardware store.
    M -- R
    MARSAC, Joseph F. (1788-1880)
    Enterpreter at 1819 Treaty, Owned Globe Hotel, first supervisor of Hampton twsp. of Saginaw Co., first Bay Co. probate judge.
    MC CORMICK, William R.
    Second owner of Trombley House, owned sawmill in Portsmouth, early historian.

    MILLER, Albert Judge (1810-?)
    Among first settlers and major investors Saginaw Valley settlers living along Saginaw river near Saginaw. Founder of Portsmouth village & First Presbyterian Church.
    PIERCE, Benjamin F. Capt.
    Capt. Pierce who arrived here around 1839 and established on of the earliest martime busiinesses.

    PARTRIDGE, Benjamin F.
    Pioneer, sheriff, supervisor of Portsmouth twsp., engineer, sawmill owner, speculated in land holdings. Portmouth, Civil war General.
    S -- Z
    Chippewa Chief

    Chief, died 1911, son of Chief Nau-qua-chick-a-ming.

    TROMBLE', Joseph (1809-1883)
    Pioneer, erected first framed house with brother Mador before the founding of Bay City.

    TROMBLE', Mador
    Brother of Joseph Tromble' (See Trombley, Joseph).

    WATSON, James (Judge)
    Early probate judge, owned Watson Block.

    WILSON, John S.
    Owned sloop Mary, first trading vessel on Saginaw river.

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