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Gen. Benjamin F. Partridge.
General B.F. Partridge

Pioneers History

On February 4, 1880, General Benjamin Franklin Partridge appeared before the Pioneer Society of Michigan and gave a prepared speech on the history of Bay County.

His unedited speech is used to tell the story behind the pioneers of Bay County.

Partridge (also spelled Patridge) came to this area with his family in 1854, three years before the county was organized. He was a young businessman skilled as an engineer and surveyor. However, it was lumbering that drew him here. He built saw mill along Water Street, but it proved not to be a success for him. He remained here the rest of his life working as an engineer and surveyor. He was active in local politics holding elected positions as sheriff, and supervisor of Portsmouth township. As he gained some wealth, he speculated in land acquiring properties in several different counties. Partridge and his wife, Olive, are buried at Elm Lawn Cemetery in Bay City.

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Gen. Partridge's Biography
We recommend reading his biography as a background on the author of this historical document. A pioneer himself, he contributed much to the good of this community.
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HISTORY: B.F. Partridge was a general in the Union Army during the Civil War."