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E. Stanton came in 1850 and began his mill in 1851, and has been one of Bay City's prominent citizens.

Israel Catlin, a builder, carpenter and good business man came in company with James Fraser, and assisting in the building of the Kawkawlin mill in 1843-44, and has been counted as one of the soundest men in the county ever since.

C.C. Fitzhugh, who had lived at Midland several years on his large farm, removed to Lower Saginaw in the spring of 1855 and occupied the how he now occupies, which was built by W.D. Fitzhugh, his brother, and who lived in it awhile but removed to New York, when Conrad Hage occupied the house till the spring of 1854 when B.F. Partridge removed his family from Arlington, Sanilac county, Mich., and lived there one year.

Thomas Witney, John Drake, Judge Campbell and J.J. McCormick had all built mills in the county adjoined to Lower Saginaw.

In the fall of 1858 B.F. Partridge purchased the land where the Pitts and Cranage mill now stands, and in company with John C. Baughman built a large mill, and run the same till March 1865, when Partridge sold his interest in the land and mill to his partner, taking a mortgage for $22,500, and commenced building the mill in Portsmouth where the McLean mill now stands, and put it in operation in and run the mill several years. He resided in Bay City till 1867, when he moved to his farm three miles from the city.

The Hon. James Birney, son of Jas G. Birney acquired the title to all the co-heirs of the late James G. Birney and moved his family to Lower Saginaw in 1857, having been here the year before, and has been identified with the progress of the whole county ever since.

The late James Fraser, one of the earliest visitors to this county, resided in Saginaw county till 1856, but was one of the main business men, and property holders in the county and was one of the original purchasers of the John Riley reservation and one who was the means of Dr. Fitzhugh and Mr. Birney becoming so deeply interested in the town of Lower Saginaw. He certainly caused more improvements to be made and engineered about all the enterprises or was the means of the large investments in real estate in the county. No man was up earlier and worked later to accomplish his ends and no man could do more with less means in any enterprise, and he was engaged in about everything to improve this county. He purchased the Birney property of B.F. Partridge in 1856, and moved into it in 1857, from Saginaw city, and occupied it till his removal east, when the Hon. James Shearer took the house for a term of years.

Henry Hess came to the Lower Saginaw in September 1857, and was in the employ of Henry Raymond in the mill, but finally purchased some land and has cleared up several farms and built several houses in the city.

John and William McEwan built the first grist mill in the county in 1857, where the Griswold block now stands, and run the mill several years. J.B. Wetherell being the miller. During the first year the mill laid still portions of the time for want of grain, but supplied the wants of the people.

J.W. Putnam came to Lower Saginaw some time about 1849, and built a house in about 1852, on the corner where the Campbell house now stands, and lived to operate here several years, and "Old Put" was well-known as any on the river.

In 1853-4 Henry Moore and his partner built the Moore & Voce mill, on land purchased of Benoit Trombley below Bangor, and have run the mill with varying success ever since.

Mr. Henry Moore married one of Col. Raymond's daughters, and now lives in Bay City and is numbered among the foremost bankers and business men.

Wm. R. Doty commenced putting up the mill known as the Peter's mill in 1854, in April, and died about the time he had completed it.

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Names Referenced
Baughman, John C.
Birney, James
Birney, James G.
Campbell, Judge
Catlin, Irael
Doty, Wm. R.
Drake, John
Hage, Conrad
Hess, Henry
Fitzhugh, C.C.
Fisthugh, W.D.
Fraser, James
McCormick, J.J.
McEwan, John
McEwan, Wm.
Moore, Henry
Partridge, B.F.
Putnam, J.W.
Raymond, Henry
Stanton, E.
Trombley, Benoit
Trombley, Joseph
Wetherell, J.B.
Witney, Thomas

{James Birney}

HISTORY: James Birney, son of James G., founded Pine Ridge Cemetery in Bay City.