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In 1867-8 B.F. Partridge was chosen chairman by the society and two more successful fairs were held, proving that the farmers as well as others, were progressing and progressive. The society has continued in operation to this present time, having provided beautiful grounds, spacious buildings and gotten up in as good a shape as any society in the State. And the county, in 1879, having generously purchased the grounds where the race track and buildings had been erected at great expense, leaves the society nearly out of debt with everything for future use.

Before concluding it seems the province of this sketch to take up some of the most prominent actors on the scene during and since the pioneer state had, in a measure, ceased and events had, become more general and quite modernized.

Then we will run over the same ground again adding many prominent names and perhaps include many things not already mentioned.

Perhaps one of the most locally prominent persons is Joseph F. Marsac, about whom everybody knows some good thing or some funny thing. The old captain had been a noted hunter and sportsman, being able in the early times here to take his gun and step quietly back into the woods, and in an hour bring in his deer - thus, in a brief time replenish the supply of venison - being able in this manner to entertain in royal style his numerous visitors, and these visitors never were known o refuse the old man's hospitality. I remember since I came here of the wonderful success of the old man in killing duck, he having left home in the morning in his little canoe, and returning before night with ninety ducks killed that day - all killed on the wing.

In those days no steamers prowled along the river frightening the wild game on the Saginaw. The captain is fast approaching the spirit home, being about ninety or more years of age, and sometimes gets lost in his own home. But in his best moments he will relate many very interesting incidents in pioneer life. The captain has raised a numerous family, and will be able to leave them all comfortably well off when his "light" shall have ceased to burn.

Madore Trombley has been one of the active men of this place since 1835, having carried on an extensive fishing trade many years, and then laid out his land into lots, and sold well in the best times, leaving him wealthy.

James J. McCormick was here in his boyhood, became early inured to labor and the extreme difficulties of pioneer life, made him one of the most energetic men here. Whatever enterprise he engaged in was prosecuted to final success. At an early day he made a trip to California , and was able to save enough to return with and start him on the road to future wealth, and enabling him to leave a fortune for his family at his death in 1875.

The name of Henry Raymond merits a more extended notice as one of Bay City's most active men to this day. Having accumulated a fortune, he knows how to enjoy it to its fullest measure.

Col. H.S. Raymond, son of Henry Raymond, was young when he came here, but has been fully identified with the city as among the foremost in the county. He was postmaster before and during the war and several years after, doing all his public as well as private business with fidelity. He went into the army and remained until the war closed, returning in command of his regiment.

After the war Col. John McDermott made Bay City his future home, and has reaped the fullest measure of success and the confidence and respect of all good citizens.

John Drake, that excitable though honest and upright Scotch gentlemen, was one of the early business men here. He and his brothers built the "Drake" mill in 1852 and operated the mill several years when he was prostrated with rheumatism which so unfitted him for business that he sold out and did not business for several years but is now doing a good insurance business.

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Drake, John
Marsac, Joseph F.
McCormick, James J.
McDermott, John (Col.)
Partridge, B.F.
Raymond, H.S.(Col.)
Trombley, Madore

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