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Benoit Trombley, the old Frenchman who purchased the land from Joseph Trombley, and sold to Miller, where the Sixth ward of Bay City is, subsequently he purchased the land below Banks where the Moore & Smith mill stands, and made his farm and home there till 1875 when old age took him away, leaving considerable property to his family of eight grown up children.

The territory comprising Bay County was originally a part of Saginaw, Midland and the whole of Arenac county. Arenac being attached to Midland for judicial purposes, including all the territory in towns 13 north range 6 east, and the north half of town 13 north range 5 east that lies east of the Saginaw river, and of 13 north range 3, 4, and 6 east 15, 16, 17 and 18 north range 3, 4, and 5 east, and all of town 19 and 20 north range 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 east, and also the Charity Islands in Saginaw Bay.

This county lies around the shores of Saginaw Bay and including the Saginaw, Kawkawlin, Pinconning, Pine, Rifle, AuGres and Quanicassee Rivers emptying into the Saginaw Bay.

This territory was organized into Bay County in 1857. Then but two townships were in full organization in the county. The town of Hampton, which had been a town in Saginaw county, and which was organized in 1843 by the Board of Saginaw county. At the first election thirteen votes were cast for supervisor, of which Hon. James G. Birney received seven and Judge Sidney S. Campbell received six, so that Mr. Birney was the first supervisor of the town of Hampton, which after the organization comprised the county except Williams as it stood when the county was organized. The town of Williams was organized by the Midland board in 1855, two years before the County organized and comprised towns 14, 15, 16, north range, 3 east and all of Arenac county. The first supervisor from Williams to the Bay County was George W. Smack, and from Hampton was Sidney S. Campbell who met the first time on August 10th 1858 when S.S. Campbell was "dully elected chairman" of the first Board of Supervisors of Bay County.

The first election of county officers was held on the first Monday in June 1857, under the act to organize the county, and elected Wm. Simons sheriff; Elijah Catlin, clerk; James Watson, treasurer; Thomas M. Bligh, register of deeds; S.S. Campbell, judge of probate; C.H. Freeman, prosecuting attorney; Stephan P. Wright, circuit court commissioner; Benjamin F. Partridge, surveyor; Wm. C. Spicer, coroner. And these officers duly qualified and were ready for business, but Saginaw county protested against any such unwarranted proceedings.

The organization have been disputed by Saginaw and Midland counties, who assumed all judicial power over the entire county, paralized the operation of the courts and the collection of taxes till the supreme court decided a case arising in Bay County, the jurisdiction of which the Saginaw circuit claimed which discussion was that Bay County "was duly organized". When the decision was rendered the county officers were yet in power but the sheriff Wm. Simon, who had removed from the county and the vacancy filled by the appointment of B.F. Partridge, who filled the place long enough to lease a court house and offices and build a jail when the new officers took their place January 1st, 1856.

At the first meeting of the board of supervisors the board allowed and paid fourteen wolf certificates, eleven of which was to Indians, total amount, $112; total constable bills, $70.43; total justices bills, $66.61; giving notice of election, claimed, $10, allowed $5, total amount of A. Kaiser's bill for boarding prisoners was $1.

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Names Referenced
Birney, James G.
Bligh, Thomas M.
Campbell, Sidney S.(Judge)
Catlin, Elijah
Freeman, C.H.
Kaiser, A.
Partridge, Benjamin F.
Simons, Wm.
Smack, George W.
Spicer, Wm. C.
Trombley, Benoit
Trombley, Joseph
Watson, James
Wright, Stephan P.

HISTORY: When Bay County was organized in 1857, it consisted of two townships, Williams and Hampton.