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In the year of 1873 the towns of Deep River, Standish and Pinconning were organized by act of the legislature and they sent from Deep River, John Bullock, known all over the county as an intelligent gentleman. From Standish, Menzo Havens, whose father moved to the town years before from Ohio. From Pinconning that old pioneer Joseph U.Meech, as first supervisor to the board.

Still further north the county was settling, with the true men of the nation, the soldiers of the late rebellion, upon the rich Government lands, and in 1874, the townships of Moffat and Mason, knocked at the door of the board of organization and were admitted and the first supervisor from Moffet was that genial and well informed gentleman, Alvin N. Culver. And that other humorous gentleman of the numerous Smith family, Henry M. Smith, was the supervisor from the town of Mason, and the town from that time settled rapidly.

The next in order at the door for representation was the town of Fraser, which the Legislature authorized to organize in 1875, sending that sandy-haired, hot-blooded ungovernable Scotchman, Wm. Mitchie, as the first supervisor.

In 1866 the city sent to the board from her three wards, Jerome B. Sweet, H.H. Little and Angus Miller, and in 1867, the Legislature had authorized the comptroller and city treasure members ex-officio of the board, and again in the spring of 1873, the city having acquired the village of Portsmouth and four additional wards, being allowed four more supervisors and the city attorney and recorder ex-officio members of the board, the board of supervisors then counted a membership of twenty-eight; and then in the spring of 1877 the city of West Bay City having been chartered with three wards and allowed to send its recorder as ex-officio member, the board consisted in 1877 of thirty-two members and at the January session of the board in 1880 the towns of Lincoln and Whitney were organized which will give the county of Bay in October 1880, a membership of thirty-four members, two more than that of the State Senate - thus, the city of Bay City, 11; West Bay City, 4; the townships elected, 17, the townships to be elected 2 =34. The villages in the county now are Essexville, Kawkawlin, Deep River, Auburn, Pinconning, Saganin, Standish, Pine River, River River, Rowena and Wells. West Bay City absorbed the village of Wenona, Salzburg and Banks in 1877, while Bay City absorbed the village of Portsmouth in 1873.

Bay City has a frontage on the Saginaw river of about five miles and average one and a half miles wide, while opposite the city is the young city of West Bay City, of about the same extent, with one of the best and most commodious harbors between them there is on the lakes.

Bay City has at this time a population of 19,750, while West Bay City has a populaton 6,780, while the lowest estimate for all the rest of the county is put down at 10,000 inhabitants, making a total for the county of 36,530. While three years after the organization of the county in 1860 gave the entire population as 1,519. The highest amount of State and county tax levied since the county started was in 1875, being $70,450, and the amount of county tax for 1879 was $40,000, being the lowest for several years. The county having its county buildings and poor farm in order and all the branches of the county service and expense so systemized that her taxes will decrease steadily for sometime and the county had in January 1, 1880, in its treasury over $16,000, and a credit in the auditor general's books of $34,000 more with a county bond indebtedness of about $60,000 payable yearly after 1882 in nearly equal amounts till 1892.

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Names Referenced
Bullock, John
Culver, Alvin N.
Havens, Menzo
Little, H.H.
Meech, Joseph U.
Miller, Angus
Mitchie, Wm.
Smith, Henry M.
Sweet, Jerome B.
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HISTORY: West Bay City had the communities first library, the Sage Library donated by Henry W. Sage.