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Conclusion of Paper

From the inception of building the first little rustic log house on the banks of the Saginaw, where the smooth waters of this broad river was streaked and spotted with islands of high grass and wild rice, the land on either bank richly lined with stately elms and old oaks, filled in with all other kinds of timber, with now then an immense pine towering high above all; with wide expanses of wild prairie; above and below, along the river, with inumberable bayous and creeks covered with the wild water fowl listening and peering shyly through the high grass at the solitary passer in his canoe, fearless of harm - where the population has increased from one family to thousands of families and from that single house to thousands of houses, the poorest of which would be a comparative palace and many of the best, vieing in style with the best in the State.

While the census of 1840 did not give the county fifteen families and in 1850 very few more - in 1860 there were 3,164 inhabitants and in 1874 (only fourteen years later) 24,832 were inumberated as the total population of the county, and at this date Bay City alone contains a population of 20,000; West Bay City at least 6,000 and the county entire at the least 35,000 people. While the population has increased so rapidly everything else has rushed along in the same ratio there being at least 450,000 feet of lumber, 26,000,000 shingles, 1,000,000 barrels of salt and innumerable other things manufactured in Bay County in 1879, while coal fields are found and being opened for mining purposes. To this time when, innumberable steamers and tugs and sail vessels plough through the waters of the Saginaw and its bayous, with rafts and tows, the times chronicled in the foregoing seem to pass in review and to bespeak the honest and perservering industry as well as the talents and alility to grasp the whole thing and carry forward to completion the great enterprises that have so richly contributed to the immense result seen in every part of the county.

Any attempt of a full description of the soil and advantages of this county for agricultural would make it a paradize for the farmer, and so if I should state fully all the various advantages for business enterprises, it would appear the "Eldorado of Michigan."

B. F. Partridge

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