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General History / Native Settlers: Page 7

Internet Resources

Link (opens in new window)Description - Source
Ancient Mound Builders First known Indian culture. - Detroit News article
Chippewa (aka.: Ojibway, Ojibwe) Article giving background on tribe, includes maps/pictures. - Michigan State Univ.
Native American Indian ClothingChart showing clothing worn by Indians of Great Lakes Region. - Native American Technology & Art.
Saginaw Chippewa Indian TribeDescribes the "culture" of their tribe. -
History of Saginaw Chippewa TribeArticle by Robert N. Van Alstine. -
Michigan Indian Reservations MapLocations and identity of federally recognized reservations. -
Michigan Tribes & VillagesListing of all Michigan Indian communities. -
Indian AffairsSeven volume compilation of U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders. -
Native American TribesList internet resources on native American Indians. -
Potawatomi HistoryMigration from N. Michigan to Wisconsin. -
Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc. History page on various Indian subjects. -

Online books by Gutenberg Project:
[-] Autobiography of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Hawk, by Black Hawk (1882)
[-] Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, by Charles A. Eastman
[-] Old Indian Days, by Charles A. Eastman
[-] Old Indian Legends, retold by Zitkala-Sa
[-] Ottawa & Chippewa Indians by Andrew J. Blackbird (1887)
[-] The Ojebway Indians, by Rev. Edward F. Wilson

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HISTORY: Joseph and Mader Trombley built the first framed house in Bay City.