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Aerial Photos of Bay City Area
  • Courtesy of Jerry Clayton (April 2003)
  • Sequence: by area - Thumb Nails: Yes

    Our thanks to Jerry Clayton for sharing these photos of the Bay City area with us. The photos were taken by Jerry photos during the late 1990s. He is a pilot, a pilot instructor, photographer and owner of jmac Classic Realty. These pictures and many others such as his Great Lakes lighthouse series are available for purchase. This can be a print or custom mounted photos. Jerry's contact information is available on his Personals Page - {jmac Classic Realty} where he has a pictorial on the lighthouse series.

    Aerial views offer a perspective of our community that only a few have ever seen until now. Jerry has combined his flying talent and photography to show us the the structural beauty of our city - its parks, buildings, river frontage and more. These are large files and may be slow loading depending on the processing speed of your computer or internet connection. We've reduce the files as small as possible because of this, therefore the quality of the images has been significantly sacrificed.

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