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Area Views
Contemporary photos of scenes around the community.

As we're out and around the area with our camera, we'll capture some images of current activies or an interest snapshot that will post in this pictorial. We'll also include viewer's photos that are sent to us.

If you have an interest current photo...
send us a digital file of it and we'll share it here for others to enjoy. Be sure to include a caption to inform the viewers of what your photo is about.

Be A Participant!

Share ...

- historical photos.
- history on people
- history on places.
- old newspaper articles.
- old letters.
- old directories.
- old photos.
- personal memories.

History buffs...

Help us put our rich history online! Share your knowledge in an article to put on Bay-Journal.

Student & Teachers...

Learn your community's heritage for a better understanding of general history. Research a subject -- then share it on Bay-Journal.

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