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Artifacts & Memorabilia

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    All of us have at least a few "keepsakes" that bring forth fond memories of a special moment long ago. And, some of us may be known as "pack rats" by our family and friends for the number of dresser drawers and boxes that are filled with some of the oddest items -- a theater ticket, a book of matches grab while on vacation, a wad of hair stuck between book covers, and other assorted items of importance only to us.

    Some collectors of memoribilia have made a hobby out of it by specializing in specific artifacts like old beer cans, glass bottles, advertising plaques, etc. As a hobby, we proudly display such items in a prominent area of our homes. While we might like to display them on the living room wall, we settle for the recreation room or basement to keep peace in our marital relationship.

    Then some have become investors in keepsakes spending a great some of money to aquire artifacts. They've moved up from the hobby class to that of collectors. Collectors are typically people of means able to indulge their desire to have items so unique that are worth more today than they were originally.

    All of the above items have another thing in common, they are antiques -- an item comes from the past. Some have substantial monitary value -- all have a priceless emotional value for their attachment to the past.

    We've gather what photos we could find of keep sakes related to our local history and hope to add more as we go along. Maybe you have a keepsake along this line -- if so, share a photo of it and we'll include it in this pictorial.

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