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Central High School - 1948 Centralia Book

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This pictorial is also available as single pages including a Page Index and list of advertisers in the Heritage Library/Groups/1948 Centralia

The complete year book is presented with only non-essential pages left out. Page numbers represent actual pages of the year book. You may experience slow loading as these are large image files and there are 111 of them. The chart below provides an index to the major sections of this Centralia:

1 - 44Introduction, Faculty, Student Groups
45 - 62January Class, Class Prophecy, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Drama
63 - 88June Class, Class Prophecy
89 - 111Sports, Other activies

This badly worn book was found among rummage and we would like to see it placed with the owner's family. Written on the inside cover is, Betty Groulx, R1 Woodside Rd., Essexville, 1948. She is not listed among the graduates, but may have been an undergrad student. Inserted in the year book was a 1941 certificate issued to Arthur G. Little. Contact us if you believe either are keepsakes of your family.

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