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Bay County Historical Society Museum
A Virtual Tour of History Displays.

About the Society:
The Bay County Historical Society and Museum are constantly adding to their collection of artifacts and stories about the people who proceeded the present generation and were contributors to their community's progress and recognition.

The museum is located on Washington Ave. in Bay City, adjacent to historic city hall. The vast majority of space in the museum is consumed by several large displays located on the main and upper levels. In addition, the museum has research library and gift shop which are the main level next to the entrance.

The Society also sponsors several special activities, such as:

  • Preservation of the Trombley house built in 1837-38.
  • The free annual River of Time Living History Encampment, one of most popular regional events in Michigan.
  • Themed bus tours with guide of Bay City's historical districts and other places.
  • Tour of Homes, a walk through the majestics mansions of early barons.
  • Second Saturday Series, free a monthly educational program on interesting local history subjects.
  • Hands on History, another educational program done annually during spring.
  • The museum also does customized history programs for groups upon request.

About this Virtual Tour:
This is a visual tour only without any written history provided. The photo tour follows the path one would take by walking through the many displays in person. The quality of these displays and the interesting history they point to can only be fully appreciated by a visit to the museum and touring them first hand. It will be one of the most remarkable jouneys you'll ever experience.

Some history tid-bits on display:

  • Wigwam of Chippewa Indians.
  • Military ambulance from WWI.
  • Bicycle from late 1800s made in Bay City.
  • Pioneer histories about Fraser, Birney, Jennison, etc.
  • Lumbering, the huge economic boom that jump started growth.
  • World class businesses such as Industrial Works, Aladdin Homes, Bousfield Woodenware, etc.
  • Bay County young men participation in early wars.
  • Sports champions in nearly all fields of play.
  • Wenonah Beach Amusement Park the entertainment destination of Mid-Michigan.
  • Home life as your great-great-grandparents knew it.
  • The Great Lakes captains who plied the Saginaw River.
  • The shipbuilders Wheeler, Davidson, Defoe and others.

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