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Historical Buildings

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A collection of historical images of business buildings including their location and history when known.

Old Structures:
The earliest of business buildings in a pioneer community were made solely of wood. Fire was a constant concern as a fire that started in one building could easily spread to nearby buildings destroying several buildings. Fire fight equipment was quite primative and seldom useful unless the fire was caught at it's earliest stage. Therefore, fire fighters typically concentrated on dousing the nearby buildings that had not yet caught on fire.

Old Streets:
The first streets were little more than a well travel path, even in the merchant districts. Usually, the first imphasis was on creating wood side walks where people could scrape their boots of mud before entering a store or tavern. As the community grew, large wood planks or trunks of trees cut through their diameter were used for a road bed. Evenually, bricks replaced the planks in the villages or cities while gravel was used on main county roads.

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