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Family Heritage Photos

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Precious photos of another time submitted by viewers like yourself.

Family photos have a historical value in representing our cultural connection to another time. The significance of life's transitions are some times lost by succeeding generations as they busy themselves with making it in their own life. But, living is more than the accumulation of materialistic objects and achieving financial goals -- it is the sum of our genealogy that the is the root source of who we are and helps us to live life to its fullest.

We've created this pictorial with that thought in mind. Take a moment to reflect on your own personal heritage, then if you can, share a picture for this pictorial as a testimonial to your family's heritage.

Submit your photos as a digital file by email to Bay-Journal@chartermi.net.
Photos should 50 years or more years old, dated and include a description of their subject for awareness of its viewers. Avoid portraits (head shots), instead choose photos that help to depict what life was like back then -- scenes inside/outside the home, family gatherings, vacations, farming, old buildings, autos are a few examples of objects that help to capture those times.

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