HELP: Pictorials Library

Click to Stop Background Music! Background Music:
Most pictorials include background music. It can be easily turned off by clicking this icon.

We chose to include background music on many pages as we believe it offers a better viewing experience, especially if you adjust your sound to a level comfortable for you.

Graphic (image) generally are very large files which may be slow to loading. We've have reduced the quality of many images to decrease the size of these files. However, some may still be slow to load. How fast a file loads is also dependent on your personal set up. The speed of your internet connection and computer system will affect loading times.

Slide Show Viewers:
We use several different slide show viewers depending on the presentation subject and image sizes. These viewers are written in JavaScript. You must have Java enabled on your browser in order to view the slide shows.

Some pictorials include an introduction page (Intro) providing instructions and some background on the photos in that presention.

Windows: Java Error Message
This message may appear when you try to view a slide show. Windows is advising you that it has found an error in the JavaScript. However, it allows you to close the "Error Message" window and continue to view the next slide and the windwo pops again warning you of its finding. To get around this, click on the box that says, "Do not show me this message again!". This will allow you to view the slides without interuption. If you should want to view the error message, click on the Windows icon located in the lower left corner of your screen.

Other Errors
In preparing pages to add to Bay-Journal, we have attempted to provide pages that are error free. However, we have limited resources and mistakes do happen. Therefore, we need the help of viewers to identify this errors so we can correct them. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you find errors in spelling, grammer, bad links, etc.

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