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    Bay City:

    General: Intro / Viewer - Sequenced by street name where known.
    1872 Panoramic: View - Amazing images taken from church steeple at Center & Madison.

    Essexville/Hampton Twsp.:

    General: Intro / Viewer (Sequenced by street name where known.)

    Bay County:

    Aerials: Intro / Viewer - Late 1990s views of Bay City area by Jerry Clayton.
    Miscellaneous: Intro / Viewer - Random photos including, unknown or not categorized.

    Specific Subjects - Photos organized by a theme:


    Business Advertisements: Intro / Viewer
    Business Blocks, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.: Intro / Viewer
    Lumbering Industry: Intro / Viewer
    Manufacturing, Merchants, etc.:
    General: Intro / Viewer
    Aladdin Home Co.: Intro / Viewer
    Industrial Works (Brownhoist): Intro / Viewer
    Lewis Mfg. Co. {Liberty Homes} 1922 Cat. (Google Books)
    General: Intro / Viewer - Ships, lighthouses, bridges, etc.
    Davidson Shipyard View
    Defoe Shipyard View
    F.W. Wheeler Shipyard View
    Theaters: Intro / Viewer
    General: Intro / Viewer Streetcars, buses, vehicles, etc.
    Aviation: Intro / Viewer Historic & local aviation.
    Railroads: Intro / Viewer - Trains, depots, etc.


    Individuals: Intro / Viewer - Over "250" photos/sketches of local pioneers.
    Businessmen Sketches: Intro / Viewer - Cartoon images from 1905.
    Families: Intro / Viewer - Family photos (50+ years) submitted by viewers.
    -- Bradley Family Album (pdf) {View}
    Note: Also see Public Services for Social Organization, Fire/Police, Veterans, etc.


    Cemeteries: Intro / Viewer
    Pine Ridge Cemetery: {View}
    Homesteads: Menu - Heritage homes pictures & videos.
    Trombley House: Viewer - Oldest framed building in Saginaw Valley.
    Parks & Recreation: Intro / Viewer
    Veterans Memorial Park: Intro / Viewer (Park scenes, heritage bldgs., River of Time.)
    Street Scapes: Intro / Viewer
    Wenona Beach Amusement Park: Intro / Viewer

    Public Services:

    Bay City's City Hall: {Video} - Features inside building.
    BCHS Museum: Intro / Viewer - Photo tour of museum's history displays.
    Churches: Intro / Viewer
    Fire Departments: Intro / Viewer - People, equipment, major fires.
    Organizations: Intro / Viewer - Social Clubs, Unions, etc.
    Libraries: Intro / Viewer
    Schools: Intro / Viewer
    Centralia 1928: Intro / Viewer - Central High School photos of faculty and seniors.
    Centralia 1948: Intro / Viewer - Central High School, your grandparents generation.
    Veterans: Intro / Viewer - Memorials, people (including Civi War).


    General: Intro / Viewer - Historical images, athletes, ballparks, etc.


    Artifacts Intro / Viewer - Memorabilia and miscellaneous.
    Historical Documents: Intro / Viewer - Cards, stocks, taxes, etc.
    James Shearer's 1862 Tool Box: Intro / Viewer - Rare collection of wood working tools.
    Monthly Heritage Graphics: Intro / Viewer - featured in our magazine.
    Unidentified Photos: View Menu - Help solve the mystery!

    Featured Histories - Pictorials embedded within history articles:
  • Note: These links leave the Pictorical Library, use "back" button of browser to return here.

    AMSTRONG, ROLF {Viewer} - Bay City born famous pin-up artist of the mid-1900s.
    ARNOLD'S BAKERY {View} - Frederick Arnold, first Bay City bakery, special 1909 photo.
    BAY CITY PLAYERS {View} - History of Michigan's oldest theater group.
    BAY CITY SCHOOLS {View} - 1940 Histories. Identifies many of earliest schools.
    BIRNEY FAMILY {View} - Bay City's most prominent pioneer family.
    CITY HALL {View} - Bay City's historic city government building.
    CLARKSON, JOHN {View} - Hall of Fame pitcher of the 1880s and resident of Bay City.
    DAVIDSON SHIPBUILDING {View} - Founded 1871, by James Davidson in West Bay City.
    DEFOE SHIPBUILDING {View} - Founded 1905, by Harry Defoe.
    INDUSTRIAL WORKS (BROWNHOIST) {View} - World leader in locomotive cranes.
    LIGHTHOUSE AERIALS {View} - Tour lighthouses on the Great Lakes.
    MIDLAND ST. BUS. DISTRICT {View} - Heritage buildings & history (now Bay City).
    MOVIE ADS 1930 {View} - Appeared in Feb. 22, 1930 Bay City Times newspaper.
    MOVIE POSTERS {View} - Hollywood theater poster art.
    NICK'S MINIATURE WORLD {View} - Article & pictorial about model train displays.
    ST. ANTHONY CHURCH {View} - Fisherville, Williams Twsp., photos & history.
    ST. PAUL LUTHERN CHURCH {View} - Frankenlist Township, phots & history.
    TRACTION & ELECTRIC CO. {View} - Bay City, images & history of early power station.

    {View} Heritage Library for articles not listed about that may also include pictures.
  • Special Subjects - Other historical photo collections:
    ANTIQUE ART Intro / Viewer - Painting of artists from another time period.
    FRANKENMUTH, MI Intro / Viewer - Heritage photos of this popular bavarian community.
    RIVER OF TIME 2004 Intro / Viewer - River of Time renactment encampment in Bay City.
    SAGINAW MI Intro / Viewer - Brief history and heritage photos.
    WORLD WAR II Intro / Viewer - Scenes of Pearl Harbor, war in Europe, etc.

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    Links of Interest
    [JSViewer.com] Website of Sean Herdejuren, whose slide viewer is used for showing Pictorials.
    [NOAA History] Some nice government photography.