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Heritage library buildings.

Sequenced by libary's name.

Most communties take great pride in their libraries, and the communties of Bay County are no exception. The first library building in Bay County was the Sage Library built in 1884 on the corner of Midland and Wenona streets when this part of Bay City was known as the village of Wenona. Back then, Bay City comprised only the area on the east side of the river. Bay City utilized temporary quarters for many years. It was once housed in the Opera House on Sixth and Washington and even the city hall for a few years. It wasn't until 1922 that the Central Library was built on the east side of Bay City on Center Avenue.

Today, libraries exist throughout the county and are included in many of the school buildings.

Additional information and history on the Bay County Library System is located:

  • Heritage/Groups/ Bay County Library History

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