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Historical People of Bay County

While viewing images of old buildings and objects may be interesting, of far greater importance is the history of the people that built them and others that played an important role in our community's history.

It is their story that tickles our imagination of another time. It is their pride in accomplishment that is our community's heritage. It is their life achievements that provides us with the finest examples for our own aspirations.

Heritage Library

We would like to identify as many of these individuals as we can to add their stories to our Heritage Library. It's quite possible that your ancestor was a merchant, businessman, politician, or worked in one of the many local factories. If you know thier story, share it with us.

If you have an interest in local history and want to help us, we need help in doing research and transcribing documents that cover subjects such as; individuals, buildings, places, organizations, fires or interesting events of the past.

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