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Heritage Schools

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Early leaders of pioneer communities were quick to recognize the need of educating their children. Initially children were taught in small groups in a pioneer's home until the number of children warranted a devoted school building. Schools are the most vulnerable of structures to demolision as a result of a communities concern with education.

Schools have evolved considerably over time. During the first half of the 20th century there were many country schools to meet the needs of the farming communities. Small one or two room schools sat out in the country among the farmlands where some children walked a considerable distance each day to attend school. Typically, one teacher served all of the different classes within a single room. As roads improved and busing became available these schools were abandoned in favor of better learning facilities in the nearest city.

Old city school buildings were quick to be replaced as the school age population grew. While many of the old schools were well built, it was cheaper to demolished them and build a new structure -- and, very few gave much thought to their historical value. We were a young community and nation, and having the latest and best was what we were concerned with during those times. Today, we are learning to embrace our hertiage structures by find new ways to put them into use.

We invite you to help us recall the heritage of our local schools and the educators that taught at them. Share a photo here or add an article to the Heritage Library.

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