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James Shearer's Tool Box.
A rare collection of wood working hand tools used in the later 19th and early 20th Centuries.

What you are about to view is truly unique. The tool box and hand tools of the 19th Century that once belonged to James Shearer. Hand tools that sawed, shaved, carved, grooved and shaped wood into beautiful objects with great precision in the hands of a skilled carpenter.

James Shearer’s personal tool box includes his name stylishly designed on the in side of the lid. The box is very large and the collection of tools inside is extensive. The well of the box is a series of insert boxes that slide and stack, and each configured to provide maximum storage for his tools. It is impossible for the photos to capture the beauty that can only be appreciated by seeing it in person.

James Shearer was a prominent builder of large buildings in Detroit, and later in Bay City, where he lived most of his adult life. Two of his buildings in Bay City still stand as monuments to his talent and success as a businessman.

After viewing this pictorial, visit Heritage/People/ Biography of James Shearer.

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