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Street Scapes

Sequence: Alphabetically by Street Name or Location.

A variety of contemporary and historical photos about street scenes around the community.

Communities are dyanamic, they are constantly in development. Perhaps the greatest evidence of this is seen a community neighborhoods where structures and landscapes are in constant flux. New buildings go up and old one are painted or sided. The of shrubs and plants captures more space, and trees are constantly redefining the skyline.

Today our streets are mostly paved with asphalt or cement. But, earliest pioneers of our community at best may have had path beaten down by the Indians that lived near the shores of the Saginaw River. The first white settlers that were few in numbers had no significant need for a street until their numbers grew.

Pioneer settlements may have had a few more dirt paths, but it wasn't until they became a village that streets became necessary. It wasn't until enough structures were built close to each other that streets became significant.

Sidewalks were the first street were improvement. Dirt streets during wet weather became muddy which created muddy boots and shoes when they had to be walked on. So wood board walks became popular where people could walk from store to store avoiding the mud until they crossed a street.

That was eventually extended to cover streets with wood planks or a thick cross-sections of a trees trunks embemmed in the ground. First in the business district, then into its surrounding neighborhoods. (See "Pictorial: 1872 Panoramic" for images of what Bay City's streets looked like at that time.)

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