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Heritage Theaters

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No other form of entertainment comes close capturing the full attention and emotion of an audience than a motion picture or live theater performance. Television may be the most viewed form of entertainment, but who really enjoys the commercials that intrude every 10 or 15 minutes.

But, the theater houses of today do not match up those commonly enjoyed by theater goers of 40 or 50 years ago. Theater buildings back then were majestic buildings and each was uniquely different. These theaters incorporated stage and screen as an integral source of entertainment. The only surviving theater in Bay City of this class is the historical State Theater on Washington avenue. If you haven't been there, you won't understand the difference it makes in the atmosphere being at the theater. Another theater of this class is the larger Temple Theater in Saginaw.

In the Heritage Library we've set aside a special section devoted to the theater. We hope to expanded on it with the help of some of our viewers who are "movie buffs" and can help add more content. If you have a photo of an old theater buildings, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would share a copy to put here.

  • Credit: Many of the theater photos and history present in this pictorial are from the excellent work of Mary Evans Green that was pubished as pamphlet in 2001, and entitled, "Historic State Theater - Bay City, Michigan - 1906-2001"
  • Some of the images presented in this pictorial lack historical information. If you can add to the history any of the photos or can add a new photo to this pictorial, please contact us.

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