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Unidentified Heritage Photos.
Submitted by Randy Neumeyer, of Texas - Aug. 25, 2008.

These old family photos were discovered in my parent's house in Chesaning. Many were taken at photo studios in and around Bay City, where my relatives lived. Some include the studio where they were taken, but are without names of the individuals. I'm hoping that someone viewing these pictures may recognize an ancestor.

Studeo: C. B. Colburn - Bay City
City directories for 1873-89 list this studio at 500 Third St., Bay City, and owner's residence at 306. S. Monroe.

(1) (2)

(3) (4)


Studeo: A. D. Drago - Bay City
Owner: Albert Drago. City Directories: 1889-96 - listed at 1006 Water.


Studeo: Eagle Gallary
No information.


Studeo: Ed's Gallary - West Bay City
No information.


Studeo: T. A. Eggleton
No information.

(9) (10)

Studeo: Miller Bros. - Bay City
City Directories: List at 710 Washington. 1877-78 - Lysande L. Miller, photograher boarding at Fremont & Lafayette.


Studeo: G. F. Sterling - West Bay City
G. G. Sterly was a large photography company with headquarters in Detroit.
City Directories: 1884-87 at 905 E. Midland St. 1896-1902 at 302 S. Linn.

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Studeo: Unknown
No information.


Contact Bay-Journal is have information about any of these photos.