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Wenona Beach Amusement Park
Foot of Patterson Rd, Bangor Township.

The Bullet!

The Wenona Beach Amusement Park during its period was one of the most popular destinations for entertainment. During its hey-day years, the park had no competition in the area like it. Located on the sandy shoreline of the Saginaw Bay and close to the mouth of the Saginaw River it was a favorite spot for swimmers and picnics. The park offered a wide variety of amusement rides and entertainment for adults and kids. The grounds included docking facilities, a casion and a large pavilion for public events.

During its early days, streetcars made several trips daily to the park. Buses and automobiles eventually replaced the streetcars heading out Patterson Road to the park. The parks attraction drew visitors from all of northeastern Michigan, it had no equal for what it offered in entertainment.

Sadly, the park sufferred from poor attendance in its later years and closed in 1964. Ironically, amusement parks have returned as a popular form of entertain for families who now traveling long-distances to enjoy what was once available locally. In fact, the location of old Wenona Beach Amusement Park on the bay offered a more attractive setting than many of today's large amusement parks.

To learn more about the history of the Wenona Beach Amusement Park, visit Heritage/Places/ Wenona Beach.

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