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Essexville-Hampton Historical Development Commission

Essexville - Hampton Historical Development Commission 2001

Seated: Margaret Lesperance, Odela Sharp, Herb Escott, Gene Tacey, Don Johnson, Art Jacobs, Chuck Wood, Ray Jacobs, Helen Willette, Lee McNeven
Standing: Arlene Potter, Mina Natzmer, Betty Wackerle, Vince Doriean, Pat Ankney, DeVere Woods, Carol James, Marion Wood, Bev Walker

In 2001, after several years of research and hard work, the Essexville - Hampton Historical Development Commission completed their mission with the publishing of "From Chalkboard to Computers, The Essexville - Hampton Story". A book that documents the history and heritage of these communities.

From Chalkboard to Computers, The Essexville-Hampton Story is enjoyable book to read. It begins with the early pioneer days providing detailed events that is sure to be new even to those already familiar the history of these communities. The book contains with many personal stories recalling what life was like during an earlier time. A good portion of the book covers the history of schools. A generous collection of historical photos are presented throughout a book that all family members can enjoy. It is a price-less book that you will want to add to your home reference library.

We are very grateful to the Essexville-Hampton Historical Development Commission for their generous support by providing us with permission to use materials from this book. Be sure to take in the Pictorial on Hampton-Essexville to see many of the photos presented in "From Chalkboard to Computers, The Essexville-Hampton Story".

Available at Library.
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