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Hampton Township & Essexville

Hampton Township:

Township Hall: P.O. Box 187 (Center Road)
Post Office: Bay City, MI 48707
Phone: 989-893-7541

Hampton Township was organized on April 29, 1857,
along with Williams Township as that formed the new county of Bay. Hampton was originally organized as a township in 1843 under Saginaw County.
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Geographic area at time of organization:

    Comprised eastern portion of county, consisting of townships 14-21 north of ranges 3, 4 and 5, and portion of township 13 north of range 5 east, which include portions eastern portions of present Arenac Co.

    In 1859 portions of Hampton were detached when Portmouth Township was organized, this consisted of the north half of township 13 north of range 5 east, lying east of the Saginaw River, also the north half of township 13 north of range 6 east, also sections 34, 33 andthat part of 32 lying east of the Saginaw River in township 14 north of range 5 east.

    In 1873 a portion of Hampton was detached and added to Portmouth Township, this consisted of sections 34, 35 and 36 in township 14 north of range 5 east.

The township's first supervisor was Sidney S. Campbell, elected on April 1, 1843 at the Globe Hotel located in Bay City at Water and 5th streets. Campbell defeated his close friend, James G. Birney, by a slim margin.

City of Essexville:

City Hall: 1107 Woodside Avenue.
Post Office: Essexville, MI 48732
Phone: 989-893-0772

Essexville was formed in 1883
from a portion of Hampton Township.

The first Board of Trustees of Essexville were;

Joseph Hudson, Philip Dargis, S.A. Hall, Anthony Johnson, John Garber, John Widen and J.R. Hall as the board's president.

Others officials were:

George Hall (Treasureer), Louis Felker (Assessor), William Felker (Clerk), William Leighton (Commissioner) and Adrian VanWert (Constable).

The name of Essexville came the family name of Ransome Essex who platted property that he owned for a village. However, the Essex family may not have settled here in 1850 if it hadn't of been for Joseph Hudson, the husband of Fedelia Essex. Joseph visited the area in 1849 and decided this would be a good place to establish a homestead. The following year he moved here with Fedelia accompanied by Ransom and his parents. Two years later, Ransom purchased eighty acres (where Essexville is today) while Joseph and Fedelia purchased an adjoining 40 acres to Ransom's property. They paid $1.50 per acre for federal land grants that were signed on November 1, 1852 by President Millard Fillmore.

In 1866, the large sawmill built by the Carriere & Company opened at the edge of the Saginaw River at Main Street. Ranson Essex platted eight acres of his property which was sold to workers at the sawmill. This became the village of Essex. Later, "ville", a French word for "village or town" was added.


The City of Essexville and Hampton Township continue a historically close relation. The units of government operate a joint-educational system that is widely recognized for having a high-quality program. The Essexville-Hampton school system was formally acknowledged in the U.S. Congressional record for its educational achievements.

A quality school system and a long border along the Saginaw Bay makes Essexville and Hampton Township among the more popular locations in Bay County for young couples wanting to establish new homestead.

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    First Supervisor

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    Founder of Essexville

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    Lumber Mill Owner.

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