Legacy Histories
Twice candidate for U.S. Presidency and governor of Michigan.
Coal Mining

The Saginaw Valley basin has the largest coal deposit in Michigan.
People History

Pioneers like Birney, Fraser, Miller, Essex and many others.
Fire Department
Fires were common and a major concern during early development.
Sugar Manufacturing
Michigan's first sugar plant was at the foot of Schuerman in Essexville.
Old Armory Building
It is now the home of the Bay County Historical Museum.
Theater (Bijou)
It's now the State Historical theater.
Lumbering made Bay City a key railroad hub hauling logs from the deep forests to the mills.
Wenona Beach
It was once the entertainment center of the valley with a full scale amusement park.

Education and religion were important to early pioneers and were among the first buildings they erected.

Bay City was among the first to have an airport after the Wright brothers opened the age of aviation.
Water Works

This fine building still stands near the edge of the Saginaw Bay.
Yacht Club Bldg.

This is their second building. The first building was at the foot of Schuerman.
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