Mar. 12 - Benefits Of An Afternoon Nap.

Hampton Twp., Bay Co: After a nearly three-year effort, Brain's House - the beloved Bay County hospice facility shuttered in 2012 -- is reopening this fall in a new location and under a new partnership.
[Bay City Times]
Mar. 11 - Benefits Of An Afternoon Nap.

--- Many of us are chronically sleep-deprived and the qucikest of naps can do wonders. Most exerts recommend a nap of 10 to 20 minutes, and longer can lead to "sleep inertia."
[Tree Hugger]
Mar. 10 - New Playground to Be Replaced.

Bay City, MI: A 19 year old playground in Veterans Memorial Park needing repairs will be replaced with a new one. A new playground will cost between $200,000 to $300,000. The new park will be built in another location, not necessarily in Veterans Memorial Park.
[Bay City Times]
Mar. 5 - New Plan For MBS Internal Airport.

Tittabawassee Twp., MI: MBS is in the early stages of a study that will help the facity form a 20-year master plan. The public is invited to the first two meeting.
Mar. 4 - Fund Raiser For Humane Society.

Bay City, MI: The City Midland Street business will be helping the Humane Society of Bay County. It is rumoredd there just might be 1,000 leprechauns prancing through the area.
[Bay City Times]
Mar. 3 - Peanuts Good For Longer LIfe.

--- Researchers have found that peanuts and nuts provides for a longer life, especially from heart disease.
[Bay City Times]
Mar. 2 - New Farmer's Market & Restaurant To Open.

Owners Paul Hennard and Brando Longria.
Bay City, MI: A new farmers market and restaurant will be opened this summer on the corner of on JOhnson and Third street. The eatery will feature fresh food.
[Bay City Times]
Mar. 1 - "Welcome Home Vets."

Lansing, MI: A bill sponsered by Midland Senator Jim Stamas would have all returning home veterans recieve a "Well Come Home" letter from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.
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Feb. 28 - Apple Watch Can Replace Car Keys."

--- The Apple Watch is designed to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are now in use in many vehicles. It will also work as a credit through Apple Pay.
Source: [News Daily]
Feb. 26 - FCC Approves "Open Internet."

--- The FCC has approved Internet rules that will bring broadband access under the Title II legistlation, designed for the the telephone industry.
Source: [The Register UK]
Feb. 25 - Bionic Eye Allows Man To See.

--- For the first time in more than a decade, a Minnesota man is able to see his wife. In January, at the Mayo Clinic. a tiny chip was embedded in his right eye. Once the bionic eye system was activated he was able to see.
Source: [Daily Caller]
Feb. 24 - Bay Concert Band Performs At T.L. Handy.

Bay City, MI: Bay Concert Band will perform at the T.L. Handy Middle School on March 3, at 7:30 p.m. Peter Makar Jr. IV, music directory and conductor will lead the band on American composer's music. One of the songs will be a medley from the "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."
Source: [Bay City Times]
Feb. 23 - Brewtopia Coffee Shop A Favorite.

Bay City, MI: Brewtopia located at 810 Saginaw St., Bay City, continues to be a popular place with locals. Recently it changed ownership and is now owned by Kevin and Michele Clements.
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Feb. 22 - Local Blacks In Civil War Remembered.

Oscar and Ida Baker, and their nine children.
Bay City, MI: Local historian and author, Dave Rodges shares the history of local blacks during the Civil War and their community. Dave also calls attention to James G. Birney, a prominent leader in the anti-slavery movement, and an early pioneer in Bay City's history.
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Feb. 21 - Sunrise Pedal Trolley Arives.

Bay City, MI: A new vehicle costing $40,000 is ready to go. It's a trolley bike owned by Ashley Anderson, owner of Two Men and Truck business. The Trolley with a beer key mounted on the front will tour around Bay City servicing upto 8 people. It's sure to be a big hit for locals and tourists.
Source: [Bay City Times]
Feb. 20 - Globally Girls Academically Lead Boys.

Alice and Jack Wirth, daughter, Helen.
--- An international study by the University of Missouri and Universty of Glasgow determined that girlds outperform boys in educational achievement in 70 percent of the countries they studied. The one exception is amoung students in economically developed nations where high achieving boys out perform high achieving girls.
Source: [Science Daily]
Feb. 19 - Alice And Jack Wirt Remembered.

Alice and Jack Wirth, daughter, Helen.
Bay City, MI: Alice and Jack Wirt will long be remembered for their many worthy contributions to Bay City. Jack's work life began with a dump truck and ended life as a multi-millionair, leaving his mark throughout a grateful community.
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Feb. 18 - New Owners To Open Sutherland's Bakery.

Bay City, MI: Sutherland's, Bay City's oldest bakery at 102 years, closed last December, but it will soon be reopen by partners Troy McCormick and Beth Dore. Sutherland is located on Midland Street in the history district.
Source: [Bay City Times]
Feb. 17 - Fat Tuesday Paczki.

Bay City, MI: Today the Polish paczki a tasty heave dough with a variety of incrediants that are high in calaries will are available at most all bakeries. Krzysiak's House Restaurant is starting the day featuring lived polka music and breakfast along with the paczki.
Source: [Bay City Times]
Feb. 16 - Screening For "Bride of Frankenstein.

Bay City, MI: The Friends of Masonic Temple in Bay City will feature the film "Bride of Frankenstein" on February 21 for Valentine's Day. Showing will be 9 p.m. and midnight. Enjoy Valentine's Day in a memberable way.
Source: [Bay City Times]
Feb. 15 - Detroit Area Muslims Call For Peace.

Detroit, MI: Muslim-Americans are unnerved by recent incidents, fear they are part of a trend of anti-Islam attacks. Several vigils were held in the Detroit area to speak out against such anti-Islam attacks.
Source: [Detroit Free Press]
Feb. 13 - Legendary Paul Bunyan Goes Rock.

Bay City, MI: The fabled lumberman Paul Bunyan is well know across the country. Dave Rogers authored a book on Bunyan in which he provides hard evidence that Paul Bunyan was based on the life of Joe Fournier, a rough and tough lumberman from Bay City, who was well known as a brawler in the many saloons on Water Street. (Rogers' book is available from - [Amazon]
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Feb. 11 - Earth Has A Second Core.

--- A University of Illiois research team has discovered the Earth has a second core about half the size of the known core. What demarcates the smaller core is it iron crystals are oriented on a east-west axis, unlike the the outer core with north-south axis.
Source: [Science Daily]
Feb. 10 - Grapes May Be Good For Your Memory.

--- A compound found in common foods such as red grapes and peanuts may help prevent age-related decline in memory, according to new research published by the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine.
Source: [Science Daily]
Feb. 9 - Historic Crapo Building May Survive.

Crapo building, today and original view.
Bay City, MI: One of Bay City's most historic and beautiful buildings built on the corner of Center and Washington is in a struggle to survive. The building is owned by the Chemical Bank who will tear it down if no one steps up to save it. Paul Rowley, one of the city's most active builders in improving the downtown area wants to save it. The Crapo building was in 1898 by architects Leverett Pratt and Walter Koeppe, and much of their design work in the building remains.
Source: [Bay City Times]
Feb. 8 - Ingersoll Set For Trial On Charter Scholl.
-- Steven Ingersoll charged with mismanagement of Charter school funds and failing to pay federal taxes, is set for trial on Tuesday. If convicted he faces upto 30 years in prison and $1million in fines.
Source: [Detroit Free Press]
Feb. 7 - Death Penalty For Cop Killers.
Lansing, MI: A Constitutional amendment has been introduced by Sen. Virgil Smith, D.-Detroit, that would give the death penalty to anyone that kills a police or corrections officer. The death penalty in Michigan has been banned since 1846.
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Feb. 6 - Premier of Madonna's "Living for Love."
Detroit, MI: Madonna video "Living for Love" primiered on Snapshot received possive reviews. Hoffington Post writer Mathew Jacobs said the video was best work in a decade.
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Feb. 5 - Moon Prospect For Mining.
--- The Moon has an estimated 1.6 billion tonnes of water ice and an abundance of rare-earch elements below the surface at its poles that could be mined. Shackelton Energy Company in Texas has plans to mine these resources, converting them into a form of hydrogen and oxygen could be used as a rocket propellant.
Source: [Science Daily]
Feb. 4 - $69M In 2016 Budget For Great Lakes.
--- Obama's 2016 federal budget includes $69M for projects around the Great Lakes. However, the budget trims $50M from the Great Lakes Restoration initative to clean up pollution such as evasive species of fish, and restore fish and wildlife habitats.
Source: [Science Daily]
Feb. 3 - Surface Of Iceland Is Rising.
--- The Earth's crust under iceland is rebounding as global warming melts the island's great ice caps, some are moving upward as much as 1.4 inches per year. Geologists have long known that as glaciers melt and become lighter, Earth rebounds as the weight of the ice decreases.
Source: [Science Daily]
Feb. 2 - Dow Chemical's Seed subsidary Growing.
Midland, MI: Dow Agro Sciences LLC, headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, is among the largest producers of seeds and related products. It is a subsidary of the Dow Chemical Company, located in Midland, MI. Dow, founded in 1897 by Herbert H. Dow, is now among the world's largest businesses.
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Feb. 1 - GM To Cut Prices On Four Models.
Detroi, MI: General Motors, an attempt to attract value minded-buyer is introducing cheaper prices on four modles. The modles are Chevrotet Cruze and Equinox, the Buick LaCrosse and GMC terrain.
Source: [Detroit News]