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Saginaw Treaty of 1819

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1819 Saginaw Treaty Notes
When the Saginaw Treaty of 1819 was signed Michigan was still a territory (established by Congress in 1805). Michigan didn't become a state until 1837.

Saginaw Valley:
1819: The valley was a part of the Michilimacknac county of the Michigan Territory. That same year, Oakland county was formed and it included the valley and areas north to Tawas.
1831: The valley became the township of Saginaw under Oakland county.
1835: The county of Saginaw was formed and included present Bay county and the lower portion of present Arenac county.
1855: The county of Midland was formed
1857: The county of Bay was formed from portions of Midland county and Saginaw county and all of Arenac county.County.
1883: The county of Arenac was formed from the northern townships of Bay county.

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