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1873 Map of Bay County
Shows cities, villages, townships, post offices & railroads.
(Included present Arenac County at that time.)

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Map Notes

1873 - New townships that year were Pinconning and Granton (renamed Standish same year.)
Arenac Co.
When Bay Co. was formed in 1857 it included present Arenac Co. It was detached in 1883 as a new county.

Bangor Twsp.
Formed in 1859, it was the first twsp. added.

Frankenlust Twsp.
Not shown, wasn't formed until

Original Twsps.
Williams & Hampton, about same size and divided by a vertical boundry.

West Bay City
Wasn't formed until 1877. Shown are villages of Wenona, Bangor & Salzburg that merged to become West Bay City which merged with Bay City in 1905.
See Twsp. Histories for details.

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