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Essexville Business Locations Map, 1875

Note the various mills located along the river at this time.

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{Image: J.R. Hall Single Mill}
{Image: Ransom Essex} Founder of Essexville.

(1) Duplanti Saloon
(2) Essexville Hotel
(3) A. Johnson, Shoemaker
(4) Homann Dry Goods
(5) Nagney Boarding House
(6) King Grocery (Post Office)
(7) Lalonde Livery Stable
(8) Reichie Meat Market
(9) Center House Hotel
(10) Maxson Livery Stable
(11) Stevenson Grocery & General Store
(12) Sovey Boarding House
(13) Eagle House
(14) A.J. Harris, Physician, Drug Store
(15) MacLean Wood Products
ESSEXVILLE was names it's founder, Ransom Essex.