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Map of Frank Wheeler & Company Ship Yard.
West Bay City, MI

Frank W. Wheeler founded his shipbuilding business in 1876. The business was quite small initially, over the first three years he built six small vessels and did repairs on a number of other vessels. It wasn't until 1880 that he began building larger vessels. In 1889 he had the business incorporated under the name of F.W. Wheeler & Co. and it was at that this time that the shipyard expanded considerably to build steel vessels. Adjacent property was aquired and new machinery purchased that provide the capacity to building seven 500 feet steel vessles at the same time.

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Frank W. Wheeler
(1853 - 1921)

Capt. Frank Wheeler was born in Chaumont, N.Y. His father, Chelsey, a shipbuilder, moved him and the family to Saginaw, MI in 1866, where he started another shipyard, and is where Frank grew up. As a young adult he worked in his fathers shipyard for a short time before starting his own shipbuilding business. In 1875 he married Miss Eva Armstrong of Saginaw. The couple established their homestead in Bay City on the corner of Van Burean street and Center avenue.
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