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1918 Saginaw River Sectional Maps

Series of nine maps that follow the Saginaw River from its entry at Saginaw Bay to the south end of Bay City. These maps include street names, major buildings and business locations. Thee are identified for you to right of each map. As you browse them notice the terrain of the river's edge, many of the inlets have long since been filled in. Also, take notice of the many railways that serviced businesses during this time period and before the modern highway system.

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    Map, Saginaw River, entrance at Saginaw Bay. Entrance at Saginaw Bay:
  • West side: Old Lt. House Ruins | Saginaw R. Front Rge. Lt. | Rear Rge. Lt.
  • Map, Saginaw River, lighthouse. South of Rear Range Light House:
  • West side: Rear Rge. Lt. | Bay City Boat House
  • East side: Bay City Boat Club | Ruins of Dock
  • Map, Saginaw River, Essexville area. Essexville Area:
  • South side: Cotter Boat Livery | Kavanaugh Dock | Sugar Co. Dock | Paragon Oil Co. | Richardson LB&W Co. | Bay City Sugar Co.
  • Map, Saginaw River, Belinda Street Bridger Area. Belinda Street Bridge Area:
  • North side: West Bay City Sugar Co. | Beutel Coal Dock | Bradley Miller & Co.
  • South side: Bay City Sugar Co. | Michigan Chemical Co. | Smalley Motor Co. | Mershon Schuette Parker & Co. | Waterworks | Kneeland Buell & Bigelow Co. | Woodside Ave. School
  • Map, Saginaw River, Third Street Bridger Area. Third Street Bridge Area:
  • West side: Bigelow & Cooper Co. | M.C.R.R. Station, Park School, St. Mary's Cath. Ch. | Defoe Boat & Motor Wks. | Clute Coal Dock | Beutel Canning Co. | G.T. Ry. Station | Wolverine Lumber Co. | Wenona School
  • East side: L.S. Foss & Co. Lumber Yard | M.C.R.R Dock | M.C.R.R. Station | P.M. Rwy Station | City Dock | Wenona Park | Court House | Baptist Ch.
  • Map, Saginaw River, Wenonah Park Area. Wenonah Park Area:
  • West side: Defoe Boat & Motor Wks. | Beutel Canning Co. | Sage Library } Wenonah School | Handy Bros. | Davidson Ship Yd. | Kolb School | Std. Oli Co. | Handy Bros. Mill | Boldie Mfg.
  • East side: Sto. Sig. Sta. | Wenonah Park | Court House | Baptist Ch. | Bay City Gas | Armory | City Hall | Elec. A. Traction Co. | Industrial Wrks. | Eastern High Sch.
  • Map, Saginaw River, Layfayette Street Area. Lafayette Street Area:
  • West side: Holy Trinity Ch. | Hine Lbr. Co. | W.D. Young Co. | International Mill & Timber Co.
  • East side: Mercy Hospital | Kneeland Begelow Co. | M. Garland Co. | Ross A. Wentworth Co. | Lafayette Bridge
  • Map, Saginaw River, Cass Ave. Area. Cass Avenue Area:
  • West side: Hine Lbr. Co. Std. Hoop Co. | Watson & Ricardson Lbn Co. (Middle Grounds) | Brooks
  • East side: Sch. MO | Hanson-Ward Veneer Co. | Bousfield Co.
  • Map, Saginaw River, 41st Area. 41st Street Area:
  • East side: Dock Ruins | North American Chemical Co.
  • Source: National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration (NOAA.gov)
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