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Bay Co. Poor Farm
  • A series of historical documents and links to more materials pertaining to the Poor Farm.
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    Bay County Infirmary (Poor Farm)

    The Bay County was organized in 1857, and only eight years later it established a Poor Farm in 1865. The term "poor farm" was a fitting description as individuals housed there helped with the farm work to harvest the food that was used for their meals. It was also known as the County Farm, and later Bay County Infirmary was adopted. The operation closed when the new Bay Medical Facilities opened in 1964.

    Today the greatest portion of the former Infirmary's property is occupied by the Bay County Golf Course, which opened in 1966. The Infirmary had a small burial grounds on the property for the poorest of individuals, which is located on the golf course on elevated area between the tee off area of hole #17 and the fairway of hole #18. There are no visible grave markers or sign providing evidience of its existence.

    Our thanks to following who assisted in providing data to create the composite graphic shown below:

  • Bay County Government office.
  • Bay County Historical Society.
  • Bay County Library System.
  • Brenda Burzynski, manager Bay Medical Care facilities.
  • Don Felske, former manager of Bay County Golf Course.
  • Legend: A - Street map, B - Facilities map, C - Golf Course map, D - Infirmary house.

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