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Library of Congress Map Collection Links

The Library of Congress has an extensive collection of historical maps that are available for viewing online. Copies of them are available for purchase from their website.

We've chosen only a few to feature here that show some of the understanding the geography of the world during earlier periods when creating maps was very much a guess based on descriptions. You will undoubtedly notice how vastly different these early perceptions of the world is from what we know today.

In the right hand column are links to the maps we've chosen. Take time to view these and others their library. The maps are viewed using MrSID compression technology.

To obtain a full image view with sharp details, we recommend clicking on the "Download MrSID image" which downloads a "plug-in" that displays the map in another browser window. In this format you will be able to manipulate the map in a larger area.

American Memory - Library of Congress
[Map Collections: 1500-2004]
The above link takes you to LOC map collection start page and seven different map collections on: Cities and Towns, Conservation and Environment, Discover and Exploration, Cultural Landscapes, Military Battles and Campaigns, Transportation and Communication, and General Maps.
Direct Links to Our Selection
[-] 1652 - America
[-] 1652 - America Western Hemisphere
[-] 1673 - North America (New France)
[-] 1718 - United States
[-] 1781 - North America
[-] 1800s(late) - Michigan Indian Land Transfers
[-] 2003 - Lewis & Clark Trail

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