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Kids Tour: Welcome

Welcome To "Our History!"

I'm your official tour guide!
I've put together some neat pages just for you!
We're going to learn about history of where we live.

Bubbles the tour guide.

This is my picture taken by the folks at Bay-Journal so you can see what I look like from the front because most of he time all you'll see is a side view of me. They told me to say "cheese" but I didn't because I didn't know what they meant. Where I live, there isn't any cheese! They said the picture was to be used to for educational purposes.

Nifty... I'm on the road to becoming a "Hollywood star!"

Actually, fish don't smile anyway --
when we're happy, we move our fins very rapidly!
I'm happy now... because you've joined my tour!

When I learned that the folks at Bay-Journal were looking for someone to help with these pages -- I volunteered right away! I love history! I learned a lot about history from "my parents and grandparents." Like them, I grew up here in. Our family settled in the Saginaw Bay long before people found out how great a place this is to live.

Well, enough about me... let's get started!

Opps... almost forgot to mention a couple of things!

First... this is an "underwater tour!"
You probably noticed that already with the bubbles floating around on your computer's screen. Don't worry! You don't need to know how to swim -- the water is no deeper than where you are sitting now.. So, if you want to stand up every now and then to get some fresh air, go ahead and stand up from your chair. I'll hold the your spot on the tour until you sit back down.

Every now and then, I will ask you a "question" ...
You will know when you see me with a question mark -

When you see a this "camera image" or text inside {brackets}, it means to click on it to see a picture or more information about that subject. Most of the time doing so will open a "new window" which you should close after viewing to save your computer's memory.

You'll be flying our airplane to each page on this tour!
At the bottom of each page you'll find the Bay-Journal tour plane, just click on it to go to the next page or return to the previous page. I wanted to use a boat, but they insisted on a plane because it would make the trip must faster. So, when you hear that engine sound you'll know that we're heading to the next stop on our tour. If your like me, and not crazy about planes, you can do what I do... pretend that it's a motor boat and you're crusing to the next location.

Whenever you're ready, click on the tour plane for our next page! I'll swim there... I need the exercise so I can stay in shape to defend my title as the "Speed Swimming Champion of the Saginaw Bay".

On your mark... get set... go!

Welcome|History 1 / 2|Geography|Nature 1 / 2|Discovery|Natives|Settlers|Lumber|Things|End

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