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Kids Tour: Nature 2

Natural "Friends" of Our Area"

Animals and fish enjoy that same geology that we do.
However, many are gone or have moved away,
such the Wolverine pictured above.

Geology also affects living things such as plants, insects, animals, fish and even you and I. These things are considerably different depending where they live on Earth. When we visit a zoo we see lots of different animals and they all come from different places with different geography. These are wild animals that live in nature. Quite different from our pet cat or dog. Long ago, even they lived in the wild. Animals that live the wild take care of themselves.

Nature and Natural Things of Bay County.

We have many wonderful animals, plants, fish and a variety of insects in Bay County. Long ago, before we settled this area it was their home and you could see them everywhere. When we arrived to live here we changed things that affected them cutting trees and using large sections of the land for farming. Since the animals live off the land, they had to move to places where they could survive. Below are a few animals that you would have seen here long ago.

- 1 -

- 2 -

- 3 -

- 4 -

- Omar -

1. The inside of a forest is very special place and quite different from what we are use to. There are no side-walks, streets or houses. If you have not been inside a forest, ask your parents to take you there some time. Everyone should see how beautiful and feel how peaceful it is. It is a good memory that you will recall for a very long time.

2. In an open field a deer stares back at you under the light of a the sun setting in the west. The deer is probably wondering about you as it seldom sees humans.

3. Along the banks of a stream a raccoon is eating lunch. He's so busy that he hardly notices that you are watching him.

4. A huge bear in a tree suprises you! Being the smart person you are... you go no closer, but watch to see what he is up to before heading further into the forest.

Hey... that's Omar, my spider friend! He's quite a trickster -- always entertaining folks. Come to think of it Omar's a part of nature just like you and me.

Can you think of some other things that are a part of nature?
We have many animal friends and plants right around our home.

Bay City Regreation Area

The great forests of our area are now gone, but we are fortunate that a portion of the marshlands created by the bay and rivers still exists. Out by the Saginaw Bay, we have the Bay City State Recreation Area which include "Tobico Beach", a marshland area that has been preserved. The State of Michigan has a nifty {website} which describes this area. But, it's something that you need to see in person to really enjoy how wonderful a place it is.

Sounds Of Nature And Natural Things.

The following are some sounds you might find in nature. Have some fun listening to each of them. I usually close my eyes and imagine being there -- give it a try, it's fun!

Sound Files.
(Be Patient: Sound files may take a while to load.)

Animals| Barnyard| Bird, Owl| Bird, Seagull| Bird, Sparrow| Cat| Cow| Cricket| Frog| Horse| Pig| Rooster| Wolf Howling|

Water| Wave Splashing| Wind|

Indian Call| Indian War Drums|

Whenever you're ready, we'll head over to the DISCOVERY section of our tour.