Panoramic view of Seamans Cemetery as of May 27, 2008, looking south -- moving East to West of Seamans' Cemetery from the nothern boundary shared with Pine Ridge.

View 1: Along East boundary shared with Jewish Cemetery. No visable alley dividing rows of plots. (See Plat Map below for reference)

View 2: Large wild trees. Burial sites surround by trees and covered by wild shrubery and flowers.

View 3: Cemeteries on left surrounded by wild flowers are hard to maintain.

View 4: Cement borders more visible, but need edging and cleaning. Wild trees growing in alley.

View 5: Wild large trees growing next to headstones. Many headstones toppled by vandals.

View 6: Area pretty much clear of wild growth. Again toppled headstone need to be lifted back in to place.

View 7: Front area cleared enough to maintain grave sites except for forested area to back.

View 8: Alley and plots on both side in fairly good shape. Dense forest may have a number of plots with a burial and missing headstone.

View 9: Similar state as View 9.

View 10: Land is pretty much clear to the south boundary line.

View 11: Property along Tuscola Road. Old cemetery post once support fencing. The area furthest south could eventually be used for parking if no burials are identified in this section.

Seamans Cemetery is in "Disparate" Shape!

As can be seen in the above photos, nature has claimed nearly all of the southern property (Map Ref.: Area beyond road off Tuscola). For some time we believed their were only a few isolated burials in this area, but we have identified several more that are without a marker. It's possible the marker is buried, removed by vandals or never existed. Much work is being focused on defining the alleys and the roadway that ran east into the cemetery from Tuscola Road. Once this is done, trees in area of a burial site will need to be cut down so each burial site is accessable for regular lawn maintenance.

Random Photos of Cemetery.

Work mapping out the road leading into cemetery has been done. Alan Flood and Jim Petrimoulx are standing at the center of where the half circle turn is located as shown in the original plat map.

Example of alleys being created in the south sections. On the left can be seen the cement border to a burial plot.

Two dislocated headstone beyond the pile of debri. One is marked MASON "Baby." (Map Ref.: Boarder #14 & #15"

Example of stumps in plots preventing easy maintenance.

This isolated headstone is surrounded by wild trees and bushes and presently is not easily accessable.

Beardsley & Fisher Family Plot. While cleaning overgrowth from the block marked "Beardsley," we discovered the "Fisher" block in front of it which was completely hidden by dirt and grass.

This family grave was completely covered with wild growth. It was only discovered after cleaning debri from this area. (Map Ref. Border #15)

Isolated small market surrounded by trees. It is unknown at this time of this is a burial site or if marker belongs elsewhere.


Save Pine Ridge and Seaman cemeteries from being lost to nature.

Volunteers are needed to help clear cemetery of overgrowth.

Money is needed for lawn mainenance and purchasing of equipment.

Materials are needed such as fill dirt, sand, cement, etc.

Family information is needed to aid in identifying burial sites of individuals to a plat number and to capture their history. We also need to hear from family's who have unused purchased plots.