About the

Nate & Mary Ida
Santa House

Nate & Mary Ida Doan.

Nate and Mary Ida, founders of the Santa House in Bay City, have been personal friends of Santa Claus for over 50 years.

Nate is no longer with us and is now working full time with Santa, and Mary Ida has doubled her efforts to keep the Santa House going with help of volunteers. But, there is always a need for more help, and donations to make sure the house is properly maintained for kids to enjoy during the holiday season.

Santa House is Free.

This gift is "free" thanks to public and private donations.

Non-profit Organization.

The Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated under Michigan Law (1991), created in honor of their lives and to assure the "spirit of Santa House" endures for future generations.

Congressional Record.

TRIBUTE TO NATHAN DOAN -- HON. JAMES A. BARCIA (Extension of Remarks - February 01, 1994) [Page: E45] ---

HON. JAMES A. BARCIA in the House of Representatives TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1994.

Mr. BARCIA of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to the outstanding contributions of Mr. Nathan Doan. A truly exceptional person, Nate developed his well deserved reputation as someone committed to his family and neighbors through countless hours spent with the youth of our community. This unusual dedication is celebrated today among his many friends as Nate receives his life membership to the American Legion of Bay City, MI.

The honor which Nate receives is a most significant one, as our American Legion renders many practical, necessary services to our Michigan veterans, while providing an outlet for shared experiences and concerns for the entire community.

Fittingly, Nate's generosity, kindness, and warmth has manifested itself for the past 53 years in what many have called his true persona, Santa Claus. While demonstrating to would be Santa's the patience and affection that comes only from a generous heart, Nate continues to instill in adults that which has brought happiness, smiles, and laughter to countless children around the world.

Nate's dedication to our children and community is further evidenced by his efforts as youth director for the Christian Assembly Church of Bay City. Moreover, either serving as the church treasurer for 28 years, on the Midland Street Citizens District Council, or coordinating events for the Bay City March of Dimes, Nate put the same enthusiasm and concern he had for the children of Santa Claus into the friends, neighbors, and community of Nate Doan.

I know I speak for my friends in Bay City and the Fifth Congressional District when I thank Nate for his tireless efforts in our community. I urge all my colleagues to wish him, his lovely wife, Mary Ida, and his children, Nathan II and Jeffery our very best.

[View] Congressional Record on Library of Congress website.