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A full grown reindeer can run between 12 and 15 miles an hour pulling a loaded sleigh. The can do this for many hours.

Caribou and reindeer are not the same animal they are cousins. They are not the same because reindeer are smaller.

Reindeer can be found in northern parts of North America, Asia, and Europe. It is very cold where they live.

Reindeer eat reindeer moss called lichen. It grows on the ground and is good for them to eat. The can eat, lichen, grass, birch and willow leaves, mushrooms and cut up apples, but not carrots.

Reindeer can carry up to 300 pounds. This is the same as they weigh.

Reindeer have fat thick bodies and short legs. They can run 14 to 16 miles per hour with pulling a sleigh.

In the winter the reindeer paw through the snow to find lichen to eat.

The fur of the reindeer turns a light color in the winter and a darker color in the summer.

Reindeer are about 3 1/2 feet tall. That is about as fall as a second grade student.

Their hooves are very broad which help them to run easily through snow. Their hooves make a clicking sound when they walk.

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