Santa 101
Santa's Story
The Gift of Love.

You might be surprised to know that the ďspiritĒ of Santa Claus was born from the life of a real person, just like you, over 1,700 years ago.

His name was St. Nicholas, a very good man who was very generous, and had a special love for children. Thatís why some call me by my nick name of ďSt. Nicholas.Ē

The original St. Nicholas attended to the needs of all the children he knew, making sure none went hungry, without clothing or any of the other basic things that everyone needs.

After St. Nicholas died, his spirit continued to live on, and has since spread to all parts of the world.

Santa hasn't always had the magical spirit that I have today. I remember those early days when I didnít have a large sleigh or magical reindeers to fly me around like I have today. I had to walk from one place to next carrying a heavy large bag for delivering gifts to the homes of kids. That way was a very hard and very slow, and it limited how many kids I could share my gifts of love with.

But, each year my magical powers increased, which made it possible for me to journey faster and farther, to where I now only have to travel one night a year and I am able to deliver gifts to kids, no matter where they live.

I havenít always looked the same as I do today. You might chuckle at what I looked like in those days, as I do, when I look back at how I dressed long ago. I must say, I like my current clothing better Ė itís much warmer, more comfortable, and if I must say so myself, its a lot more cheery looking now. Red has always been my favorite color.

While I have special magical powers, I still cannot be everywhere at the same time. Some of you may have noticed when shopping parents, that I donít look exactly the same from one store to the next. Donít let that concern you. These Santaís represent "my spirit," so that I am able to share some time with each of you. Just like Rudolph, they are special helpers that make what I do a little easier for me.

You may also wonder why I live at the north pole where itís very cold, and snows most everyday of the year? I chose the north pole because itís an ideal location for traveling to all places around the world. In the beginning, I also wondered about my decision to live there.

But, once I got use to the weather, I really like it up here. Thereís lots of privacy, which makes it easier to keep what Iím working on a secret until Christmas day arrives. And, the reindeer couldnít be happier having so much room to roam around to exercise and practice for their big day.

I also want you to know that what I do is meant to be an important message about sharing, and that I would like everone to learn what I do and pass it onto each other. You see... the "real joy" isnít so much in receiving gifts, its in sharing "the gift of love" with each other.

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