Santa House Tour
a peak inside...

Mom! Dad! There it is! I see the sign!

Oh what a beautiful sight those colorful and sparkling bright lights in the darkness of night. I got a peak through the window, can't wait to get inside!

Inside at last! Look at all the kids, moms and dads standing in line to see Santa. I wonder how long I'll have to wait?

Look! There's a doll display! There's Santa! I can hardly wait!
I'm glad there's so much to see.

Wow! I'm standing next to an elf! He's as big as me!
That's what I want to be!

Wow! Another elf playing drums! A piano, the right size for me! That's what I want under the Christmas tree!

Another elf! He's wrapping Christmas gifts.
Someday, I'll do that if... I become an elf.

Mom.. Dad! Look! Look! Santa's elves are making cookies!
Mom, can we make some tonight?

Mom, who's that? "Why she's a Santa helper!"
Mom, I'm going to be... one of Santa's helpers someday!

What's in that room? Looks just like my teddy bear!

Dad... see the soldiers! Hey... what's that noise?
"Son, it sounds like a train to me."

There it is! Look up dad! It's going around the room!
Dad... let's get one of them! "We'll see son."

Mom... I've never seen a tree like that!
Can we put up our tree tonight?

Hey... there's Frosty! And, a skunk next to a racoon!
Brrr... I'm feeling chilly!

Mom! What's on the racoon's nose? "Why that's a close pin son." What's a close pin, mom?

At last! I'm next! Mom... how many gifts will Santa bring me this year? "That depends son, remember my telling you, Santa knows when you've been good or bad!"
-- All shucks mom!!!

How did that go?
You better not "pout",
you better not "cry",
you better be "good",
I'm telling you why...