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Attention Farragut Alumni

Periodically we hold get together dinners for Farragut school alumni. To be informed about the next one, contact
-- Sandy Lee (Hardy) Rowell (sandyroncape@msn.com)

In addition to this web page, we have a alumuni forum board, where you can comment and/or post old school pictures. -- Visit the Farragut Alumni Forum Board.

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Farragut School History: {See 1940 article in The Bay City Times.}

  • 1866: The city purchased property from Judge James Birney (between 9th and 10th streets) to build the city's first high school building.
  • 1869: City's first high school building opens on April 1.
  • 1882: A new high school building, Eastern, opens on Madison street. The school is renamed Farragut grade school.
  • 1938: The old school building is demolished.
  • 1939: Farragut begins school in new building designed by Joseph C. Goddeyne. The school is capable of handling up to 400 students. The Sherman school is closed and its students transferred to Farragut. Enrollment in 1939 was about 300 students and the first principal was George A. Race.
  • 1949: Miss Edna M. O'Brien is principal.
  • 1960: Mr. James M. Feeney is principal.
  • 1974: Mr. Warren F. Liken is principal.
  • 1977-78: The school closes with Warren F. Liken as its last principal.
  • Present: School building has been leased for various uses and is still standing.

Other Schools: Most students from Farragut went to Central High School. Central opened in 1921, but it's roots are connected to the old Farragut building. The following pages provide some additional school histories that you might find interesting (All will open in a new window):