Bay City's Oldest Deli.
"Bay City's Oldest & Best Deli"

Located in "Historical" Downtown Bay City ...

  • Located 1/2 block from the Saginaw River and new Waterfall Park.
  • Stop by and enjoy one our delicious deli sandwiches or homemade soup.

    Dine In or Take Out ...

  • "Dine in or have it delivered" to your home or place of business.
  • Order by "sandwich number" or make up your own a "custom" sandwich.
  • ~ Intermission Deli Menu ~

    Over Stuffed Deli Sandwiches

    "All subs and sandwiches include lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato, cheese and oil!" -- "ORDER BY THE NUMBER!"

    1. Capicolla, mortadella, genoa, cheese
    2. Capicolla, ham, guacamole, cheese
    3. Capicolla, mortadella, genoa, pastrami, cheese
    4. Capicolla, genoa, cheese
    5. Capicolla, roast beef, swiss cheese
    6. Ham, salami, bologna, cheese
    7. Ham, roast beef, cheese
    8. Ham, genoa, guacamole, cheese
    9. Roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, cheese
    10. Roast beef, salami, genoa, guacamole, cheese
    11. Pastrami, cheese
    12. Pastrami, ham, cheese
    13. Genoa, salami, cheese
    14. Genoa, mortadella, guacamole, cheese
    15. Capicolla, provoline, (Italian sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni)
    16. Ham & cheese
    17. Roast beef, swiss cheese

    Deli Specialties

    18. Intermission Delight... ham, salami, bologna, genoa, mortadella, capicolla, pastrami, roast beef & cheese
    19. Beefeaters Delight...stacked roast beef, swiss cheese and our special house dressing
    20. Philadelphia Hoagie... pastrami, mortadella, smoked cheese, guacamole
    21. Vegetarian's Delight... lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, alfalfa, sprouts, american, swiss and provolone cheese
    22. The Intermission Reuben... corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing, swiss cheese
    23. The Deli Cowboy... lots & lots of onions, stacked roast beef, chedder cheese and 1000 island dressing
    24. Veggie Supreme... green olives, black olives, mushrooms, hot peppers, alfalfa sprouts, provolone, swiss and american cheese

    Just a Sandwich

    25. Tuna with onion & salad dressing
    26. Stacked Turkey
    27. Ham & cheese
    28. Hot pastrami on rye
    29. Stacked corned beef on rye
    30. Any meat stacked

    Soup Specialties

    - Soup of the Day!
    - Bread Bowls!

    More Favorites

    31. Roast beef, ham, turkey
    32. Smoked turkey
    33. Turkey sub
    34. Tuna sub
    35. Pepperoni & capicolla sub
    36. Stacker sub
    37. French dip
    38. Chicken salad sub
    39. Seafood sub
    40. Cajun turkey

    Food Party Subs

    Two and three foot subs!
    (Please allow 1 day notice!)


    Capicolla - Spicy ham, just a bit on the warm side, but very flavorful.
    Genoa - Hard salami.
    Guacamole - Flavorful spicy unique spread.
    Mortadella - Spicy bologna.
    Pastrami - Another corned beef like meat.
    Provolone - White, mild cheese.
    Save time! Order your lunch in advance by phone -- 893-5010

    See history of who else was located on Third Street!
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    Third St.

    History of 111 Third Street

    2002: Intermission Deli restaurant
    1970: No listing.
    1946: Red Rock Beverage Company occupied 109-114 at this time.
    1938: Central Fruit Exchange Wholesale
    1909-37: Perkins, A B Co. (wholesale fruits)
    1901: Wilson & Wanless Roofers, Iron, Tin, Copper Smiths
    1895: Thomas Cook Saloon
    1889: Obey I & Co. (wines & liquors)
    1887: Rebecca Moses Second Hand Clothing
    1886: Rebecca Moses Cigar Mfr. & Clothing
    1875: Wm. Stratton Carriage Painters

    - Business Hours -
    Monday - Friday
    10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm

    - Daily Specials -
    Take Outs

    - Salads -
    Deli layer
    Tuna salad
    Tossed salad
    Chicken salad
    Seafood salad
    Taco salad

    - Deserts -
    Cheeze cake
    Carrot cake

    - Add Extra Items -
    Pepper rings (hot)
    Fresh mushrooms
    Provolone cheese
    Swiss cheese
    American cheese
    Potato chips

    - Beverages -
    Ice tea
    Hot chocolate
    Juices, 20oz

    - Call 893-5010 -
    Enjoy the taste of an
    Intermission Deli!
    STOP IN or