Sunday: June 16, 2008
Pere Marquette Railroad Depot Restoration is Completed!
-- At 3:00 P.M. today a ribbon cutting ceremony officially marked the beginning of a new era for the old Pere Marquette railroad depot. After a 15 month long restoration project the depot has been returned to its historical and beautiful grand appearance.
-- In spite morning rain and lingering threats of more rain in the afternoon, a crowd of several hundred were on hand for the ceremony, which included opening remarks from several key speakers, followed by a tour of the building afterwards.
-- The building, owned by the Great Lakes Center Foundation, is now known as Pere Marquette Depot Bay City, and it will be the central point for community and tourist information for the Bay City area. The Bay Area Community Foundation and Bay Area Convention and Vistors Bureau will be moving into the building over the next few weeks, after which time it will be open to the public for business.
-- Many photos of the event have been added to the Depot Pictorial of buldings exterior and interior, along with pictures of the ceremony. Included is a copy of the Ribbon Cutting agenda and listing of major contributors to the restoration project.
  • View Pictorial of PMRR Depot's restoration from beginning to end.
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    Sunday: June 9, 2008 - New Photos of Depot's Inside.
    -- These photos taken on May 15th give a hint of what the inside will look like after final touches are completed for the depot's grand opening on June 16th.

    Sunday: June 6, 2008 - New Photos of PMRR Depot.
    -- The PMRR depot is within two weeks of being completed! An official opening ceremony will be held on July 16, and shortly thereafter, the Bay Area Community Foundation and Bay City Convention and Visitors Bureau will begin moving in. The $6.0 million restoration project was made possible by the Great Lakes Center Foundation who own the building.
    -- Story:[The Bay City Times]

    Sunday: May 4, 2008 - New Photos of PMRR Depot.
    -- Images showing work done so far on paving sidewalks and roads.

    Tuesday: Apr. 15, 2008 - PMRR Depot to Open First Week of June.
    -- Finishing work on the depot is nearing an end. Plans are to open during the first week of June with the Bay City Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Bay Area Community Foundation occupying the building.
    -- Story: [The Bay City Times]

    Tuesday: Feb. 19, 2008 - Two Workers Seriously Injured.
    -- Around 10:15 a.m. yesterday, the men fell 25 feet after the scaffolding they were on gave way while they were installing rain gutters. The two men were from out of state, one from Arizona, age 51, and the other from Florida, age 47. Both were rushed to Bay Regional Medical hospital, where one was reported in serious condition and the other stable.
    -- Story: [WNEM TV5] (Video)

    Monday: Feb. 4, 2008 - Sixteen Photos of Inside of Building.
    -- Scenes from both the main and second level taken on Friday, Feb. 1, 2008. Lots of work being done inside as the project is only a few months away from being completed.

    Saturday: Dec. 23, 2007 - Photo Update.
    -- New photos received from Terry Moultane of Bay City's planning department, taken on December 20th, showing progress being made on inside of depot.

    Monday: Oct. 22, 2007 - Photo Update.
    -- Five new photos showing progress made on roof tiling work.

    Friday: Sep. 29, 2007 - Photo Update.
    -- Nine new pictures added showing tile work being done on main roof and roughing in of the lower roof that sorrounds much of the depot building.

    Friday: Sep. 21, 2007 - Photo Update.
    -- Bay City's Planning and Engineering Department has added some excellent photos of the tower's installation that was completed this past Saturday.

    Sunday: Sep. 16, 2007 - News Item: Tower Installed.
    -- Workers installed the top roof section of depot's tower early Saturday morning. Shortly thereafter, Aubrey Woods of Pumford-Gregory Construction climbed to its peak and installed a U.S. flag. The completion of the tower provides a dramatic visual of the progress being made. We are now able to view what train passengers saw upon departing or arriving at the Union Depot long ago.
    -- Story: [by Andy Rogers,]

    Wednesday: Aug. 22, 2007 - News Item: Tower Nears Completion.
    -- Workers are in the final stages of completing the top of tower, which is being on ground then hoisted into place. After the tower is finished a new tiled roofing will be installed along with a tile mid-level overhanging canopy that will extended around the 80% of the building. Work will begin soon on dry walling the inside of the building. The project is moving along nicely and is slightly ahead of its target for a spring opening.
    -- Story: [The Bay City Times]

    Tuesday: Jul. 31, 2007 - Photo Update.
    -- Construction of new tower impressive, now above roof line. While progress being made on the outside of the PMRR depot can be easily seen, the same is not true inside the building where major reconstruction has to be done. After gutting old ceilings, stripping old wiring and other items of no use, workers are now putting in the electrical, new foundation supports for floors and stripping paint from much of the woodwork to be saved. Once these basic things are completed, we can expect see rapid progress of what the inside of the building will look like when completed.

    Sunday: Jul. 29, 2007 - Newspaper Editor Has New Perspective.
    Vacation Provides Time's Editor with New Perspective.
    -- John Hiner, editor at The Bay City Times, has a new perspective of progress being made locally, and in particular, with the restoration project for the Pere Marquette R.R. depot. He say his time away on vacation helped him gain the new perspective.

    Whenever you are downtown, make a point to ride by and see how good the old building is beginning to look. It's going to be quite a gem for the community and an impressive sight for out of town visitors.
    -- [Progress here is evident, even if it takes a long vacation away in order to see it.] - by John Hiner, Editor, The Bay City Times

    Thursday: Jun. 13, 2007 - Photo update.
    -- New restoration photos added, including one of the roof on the west side of the depot with the tower removed so construction can begin on new one to the original design.

    Sunday: Jun. 3, 2007 - Redtoration Featured at Rotary Club.
    -- On May 29 Charles Curtiss, of the Great Lakes Center Foundation, spoke before Bay City Rotarians about the restoration of the PMMRR depot and what they can expect to see when the depot opens next spring. Great effort has been taken to recapture not only original look of the building, but some of its atmosphere as a hertiage railroad station of the early 20th century. The present parking area will become a garden like oasis with 74 trees, large flower beds, decorative fencing and a attractive central walkway leading to the depot.
    -- For further details and pictures, read the article written by Dave Rogers of []

    Friday: May 11, 2007-- Gutting of Depot Interior Nearly Done.
    -- Workers from Gregory Construction Company have nearly completed removal of the Pere Marquette R.R. depot's old interior, which be moderinized to accommodate space for several community organizations. One feature that won't change much is the old ticket booth, Bay City Convention and Visitors Bureau plans to use it for distributing informational brochures about the Bay area. The PMRR renovation project is expected to be complete by February 2008.
  • PMRR story by [The Bay City Times]

    Sunday: Mar. 11, 2007 -- Brief Historical Summary of Depot.
    -- From 1904 until 1949, the depot operated as a part of the Pere Marquette R.R. company. Afterwards, the building was utilized by several different businesses, including a bus terminal, until 1969 when the depot became idle. During that period of time, in 1982, the depot was added to the National Register of Historical Places.

    In 2003, the Great Lakes Center Foundation acquired the property with intent of restoring the depot and returning it to active service as a central location for local agencies providing information on the greater Bay City area. In 2007 funding of over $6.4 million was secured in a cooperative effort with the city of Bay City, that has cleared the way for the restoration project to begin, which will require 12-15 months to complete.

    The proposed project will both restore and rehabilitate the historic Pere Marquette Railroad Depot, restoring the exterior and significant interior spaces to their original appearance, and rehabilitating the balance of the interior to a compatible appearance and function, retaining as many key features of the original depot structure as possible.

    When finalized, the renovated depot will once again become a bustling center for the community serving as a central location for information on the greater Bay City area. The depot will also serve as a terminal point for up to 600 tourist buses annually.