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"The Finest" Antique Store:
Our spacious antique store is located on the south east corner of Third and Saginaw streets in historical downtown Bay City. We're right in the heart of the largest district of antique shops and dealers in Michigan.

Our specialty is the rare and unique in historical artifacts, in addition to plenty of memorable artifacts reasonably price so anyone can add a heirloom piece to their home's decor.
Internet Services:
You don't have to visit our store to in order to purchase an item. Contact us with what you are looking for!

Contact us by phone or by email and let us know what you're looking for? If we have something that may be of interest to you, we'll send an image of it by email along with available information for your consideration.
Email: TheFinest@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 989-891-SOLD
"The Finest" News & Information.
Welcome to "The Finest" Antiques & Auctions Webpage.
Collecting antiques has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It went much further than the sports card collections of a younster, and it lead me into establishing my own business of buying and selling antiques. -- My business has expanded substantially in recent years and now includes auctioneer services.

If you are looking for artifacts, closing an estate, or are interested in finding a unique gift for someone special... stop by the store, give me a call or send an email, and I'll do my best to be of help to you.

Rick Schmidt
Owner, "The Finest" Auctions & Antiques
Preserving Antiques:
Cleaning an antique may make it look better, but it may also reduce its value!

Don't risk ruining your antique, always check with an antique professional for advise before attempting to clean any valuable antique.

Proper storage of an antique is also important! -- Moisture, chemicals, exposure to light exposure and other factors can cause damage.
Stop by The Finest Antique Store for tips on preserving and storing your antiques.
Internet Resources:
The follow are some useful websites about artifacts ---
  • Aniques Roadshow - PBS.org (free)
  • Preserving Your Antiques. - About.com (free)
  • Books About Antiques. - Kelkoo Books ($)
  • Online Appraisals. - What's It Worth To You. ($)
  • "The Finest" Auctions.
    Estate Auctions:
    Put our twenty plus years of knowledge and experience in handling heirlooms to work for you!

    Consider our professional auctioning services for your estate sales! The cost of our service is very reasonable, and assure you will get "top value" for your estate items.
    Call 989-891-SOLD
    for further information!
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    -- Call 989-891-SOLD today for location and details!
    Quotes We Like:
  • H. Jackson Brown, Jr. -- "Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."
  • Oscar Wilde -- "It is only an auctioneer who can equally and impartially admire all schools of art."
  • Address: 200 Third Street, Bay City, MI 48708 - Phone: 989-891-SOLD - Email: TheFinest@sbcglobal.net