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Resource Destinations

Articles of Confederation:
This is part of Avalon Project at Yale Law School and is an extensive resource regarding the documented history of the articles on which our country was founded. Included besides the "Thirteen Articles of Confederation", are Annapolis Convention, Madison Debates, Federalists Papers, U.S. Constitution, Benjamin Franklin's Draft, John Dickson's Draft and discussion of The Articles of Confederation in Jefferson's Autobiography.

Archiving Early America:
Interesting historical documents and references on the early life and times of the USA.

Liberty - The American Revolution:
Housed on the website of Public Broadcasting System, it not only gives you insight in the American Revolution period but many other topics as well.

Library of Congress:
Without a doubt one of the largest if not largest U.S. websites. Though it is massive, it is organized by major groups and a good search routine is available to help you find areas of specific interest to you.

U.S. Capital Building:
History and features dating back to its beginning in 1793 of the legislative center of U.S. government.

White House Historical Association:
Established during the John F. Kennedy Presidency, this nonprofit organization produces educational materials related to the history of the White House. Its online presentation includes an extensive list of excellent historical documents alogn with photos for insight into America's history.

White House & The Presidency:
The website of the nation's home is a combination of current invents and history reference on its occupants. Included is an online tour and photo essays.

America's Wars

The history of humans has been a constant struggle with each other from the very beginning. Since the American revolutionary war, all generations of U.S. citizens have experienced the conflicts that have been a constant companion of our progress as a nation.

Arlington National Cemetery
Civil War
Gulf War
Korean War
Mexican War, Declaration by Polk.
Spanish-American War
U.S. Service Organization (USO)
Veterans Administration
Vietnam War
World War I (WWI)
World War II (WWII)

Special American Subjects

First Flight:
The history of aviation began in 1903 when the Wright brothers, Wilber and Orville, established the first flying machine. The website gives a very detailed accounting of this history and includes many vintage photos.

*History of Ellis Island
In 1892 Ellis Island became the central point for processing millions of immigrants. In 1954 Ellis Island was closed, and in 1865 it became part of the National Park Service who has been renovating Ellis Island to its original condition.

*Thanksgiving History: (Heritage/Writings)
Our present Thanksgiving holiday was established by President Lincoln during the Civil War. However, this special day dates back to 1676 when the pilgrims proclaimed a public day of thanks to God for His blessings and help.

America's Music - by Leslie Nelson:
MIDI files and text. Indexed by century and search routine is provided. Some music includes historical background. - by Benjamin Robert Tubb:
MIDI files and text. Index by time period and composer. -- Selective History of the United States of America.