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Features Center

The Features Center is where we house a variety of information that we hope you may find interesting or helpful. Because of the random nature of sujects in this section, we've elinated the airplane guide and you will need to use the menu system to browse this section,

Special Features:

Join the forum discussion. Forum Board - Check forum information -- or Go to Forum Message Board.
Help in navigating our site. Site Guide - Help in navigating Bay-Journal.
Messenger Menu. {Messenger Menu} - Listing of scrolling information pages {opens in new window}.

Special Subjects:

Check this week's recipe. Food & Recipes - Weekly featured recipe and resources to others.
Everything related to beverages. Spirits (beverages) - Weekly feature beverage and resources to others.
Latest virus warnings and help with spam mail. Viruses & Spamming - Latest virus advisory and resources.
Some fun things for kids. Surfnet for Kids - Interesting web sites for kids.

About Us

We're glad you visited us. Welcome - Our message to you.
What we want to accomplish. Our Goals - What we want to accomplish.
How you can help. Adopt A Piece of History - How you can participate in putting our history online.
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