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Welcome to Bay-Journal.com
Updated: January, 2009.

About Bay-Journal.

    Bay-Journal was launched on April 23, 2002, as a retirement hobby of mine to provide an internet resource on the history of Bay County, Michigan and on the early settlement history of the Saginaw Valley.

Bay-Journal's Goals.

  • To put as much of local history on line as is possible.
  • To encourage viewers to participation in contributing content.
    (See our “Adopt a Piece of History” page.)
  • To provide viewers with content specific to local subjects.
  • To promote awareness of the Great Lakes Bay Region to viewers from around the world.

Why Bay-Journal Exists.

    During my youthful years, I always enjoyed listening to old timers who would describe to me what things were like decades ago. However, it wasn't until after I retired that my interest peaked to learn more about what they shared with me.

    After finding very little about local history on the internet, I decided to visited the local library where I found many books available. I was amazed by what I learned and it gave me a whole new perspective about our local history. It's a heritage that our community can be proud of and everyone should know. Shortly thereafter, I launched Bay-Journal which with about 50 pages on local history. As of the date of this writing there are over 1,400 history pages, which includes biographies and a host of other subjects.

    Apparently, there are many others interested in local history. The number of visitors to the website has grown dramatically from 8,000 in 2002 to well over 400,000 annually.

Pregress Through Participation.

    Bay-Journal was intended to the get go to be a community affair involving contribution to its content from its viewers, and many have do so over the years. The variety of content donated ranges from images to transcirbed histories, or personal written history and stories. (See listing of Contributors.)


    My favorite saying is, “Today's the first day of the rest of your life, make the most of it!” It has been most helpful for me in keeping a positive perspective on life. The challenges of life become a little easier dealing with them one day at a time.

    It played a role in my desire to create Bay-Journal and take on the challenge of capturing thousands histories on a wide variety of subjects. The process has been a most interest and enjoyable journey. The number of histories has grown to the point where I am better able to understand and appreciate the rich history that our our community's ancestors haave passed on to us.

    In closing, I would appreciate hearing from you on your comments, good or bad, about the Bay-Journal website. This this will help me better understand what improvements can be made in the future.

Marvin Kusmierz

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